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    Budweiser is now the Queen of Beers

    Vote with your wallet.
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    Is this a friendzone text or just some casual womenese “she says what thinks is right”

    I agree. I would just state your interest in her and tell her to reach out when she's ready. After that remove your attention from her.
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    Do you lift/workout at night or in the morning?

    I'm not a morning person and much prefer to workout after work in the evenings. After a stressful day it's great to throw around some weights. I've done it this way for over 15 years and this is what works for me.
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    Men should be even more aware of their age than women

    My wife and I are both having a blast. Why would I regret that?
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    Men should be even more aware of their age than women

    The point is to find open minded women. Don't hang with prudes or women who view sex as bad. The point of life is to have fun.
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    Men should be even more aware of their age than women

    I get a laugh out of the responses like this when I bring up open relationships on this site. People like us do exist and we live a fun filled life. Stop assuming all women are like the prudes you know. And yes female nature absolutely does work this way for some women.
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    Can you do anything to prevent baldness when you notice your hairline receding?

    There really isn't anything that will stop it. Medication might slow it down a little. Hair restoration is pricey and the results might not look natural. There is something to be said about accepting yourself and allowing yourself to age naturally. There's nothing more pathetic than a middle...
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    Men should be even more aware of their age than women

    I am in an open type relationship. Married for 19 years. I see other women with her full knowledge but she doesn't see others outside our relationship. We have a fantastic marriage and me getting with other women really flips her switch in a good way.
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    Football, a beta male hobby or a legit interest for men?

    I watch some football mainly as entertainment if I happen to be home at the time. I've never really been the guy with jerseys and I don't really know who all the players are and all their stats and history. ...and I really don't care. I'm a busy guy with my own pursuits. I think it's a bit...
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    When a woman breaks up with you....

    I've noticed also when a woman wants to be rid of a guy she will look for reasons to be upset with him. Like a coiled up snake waiting in the grass. I knew a chick that was dating a guy out of her friendzone. She apparently did it just for the attention . No sex in 9 months for the guy...
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    Unpopular Opinion: I feel muscles are overrated.

    Being fit is definitely a big part of the formula. You don't need to be a mass monster however. Work on yourself to look good naked and better in a fitted t shirt. This will get you noticed over the average guy.
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    Dealing with a flake

    A lot of women only keep reaching out to see if you're still interested. That alone validates them even if they have no actual interest. So after her reaching and still not being interested you not responding from there on out is the best response unless she comes up with a date offer.
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    Women Going Back to Exes

    True story: I was trying to get with this chick who was very into small time celebrities. Always traveling and flying all over to get close to them. Small time rappers and the type. She got to know some of them pretty well and got invited to some events. I'm certain she was sleeping with at...
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    Unprotected Anal Sex

    The std risk is a lot lower than what everyone fears. However you are right tattoo's and piercings are a red flag. Those girls are normally sluts with a high body count. She let you smash fast that confirms it. I wouldn't have gone raw with a chick like that but that's me. If you're worried...
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    Dealing with a flake

    Yup if you made it clear you're interested and she didn't make any effort back you need to remove yourself from her. Walk away and give her no more attention. If she comes around after that make a date offer but she has to reach out and make some effort. Don't waste time with low interest...
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    How to sleep around during the winter months?

    Stanley's right. You invite her into your world. If shes not interested you just move on. If a woman is down she will make a real effort. She will reach out and at least meet you half way. Women who are very interested will drop everything and rearrange their schedule to see you. Do waste...
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    A Woman Can't Flake On You; If You Do This...MODE ONE!!! Part 1

    I agree with the above comment. You don't always have to say "wanna f@k". In a lot of cases just flirting and asking her out will be enough. If she's down to spend time with you in most cases she dtf.
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    A Woman Can't Flake On You; If You Do This...MODE ONE!!! Part 1

    I've ready this book, it's good and it does a good job of laying out and categorizing the woman you will encounter. I believe it is best to be up front with your intentions quickly to weed out time wasters.
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    The Mental Illness That Is Transgenderism

    I agree with this post 100%.
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    Can You please provide examples of rewarding good behavior and punishing Bad behavior?

    Becoming more cold and distant to her is always a good play to punish her for doing things you don't like. Don't be butt hurt or mean, just remove yourself from her.