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  1. J

    too smart?

    Everybody thinks they are hella smart. I know people who can't do basic math fo' sh!t, but they think they are smart. I have mixed with people who could be considered "stoners" and "nerds", everybody thinks they are smart and that everybody else is dumb. It is a load of sh!t. Big IQ doesn't...
  2. J

    Conquering male emotions

    I posted something about this once, I asked for advice as well. I was unhappy that in social situations it felt like I was emotionally reacting as though I was playing a part. If somebody was trying to be funny I would smile, if somebody was acting in one way I would unconsciously react in...
  3. J

    About women and who they find attractive

    Hey I think that people really should take into account the setting that people are in. For example, when I went to hawii a few summers ago, For one thing my acne cleared up, and for another girls practically aproached me. I mean, mostly, I think that my face does not have too much...
  4. J

    tips on hiding emotions?

    You cannot ever hide emotions, I learned that well enough. Admit that those emotions are there, don't resist them, they are already there, why resist? Watch and see how it doesn't kill you or make you a loser. The point is that you are not naturally emotional, you don't have to act out the...
  5. J

    Question - Talking to women about POLITICS - HELP!!!

    If she agrees with you, talk about politics, if she doesn't don't talk about it. It is my expierence that almost everybody takes that conversation way to seriously. I have never convinced anybody to see my point of view, ever, and I am no slouch at debating. The point is, if you have...
  6. J

    Intellectualism is feminine?

    wow. this really is the difference between reality and mental speak. I would consider myself intellectual. But I also know that I am very athletic, and I am naturally fit and healthy. How can people still try to impose these kinds of absolutionist limits on things. Intellectualism is...
  7. J

    What lifes about

    Hi. Since everybody is contributing so well and so profoundly I feel that I should say my piece too. Life is consciousness. And consciousness is all about a choice. Speaking from experience, and I am sure others would concur, I have noticed that we all create our own worlds in our...
  8. J

    Get a life, your set

    I think that throughout and before you can acutally get a real life, a person needs to be ok with themself. why resist stuff you can't change. If you can change it do so. I know that there is a good way to do this and bad way to. I remember that I listed these things and I tried to figure...
  9. J

    Drugs as a Tool?

    when you drink to have fun, you usually do. When you are drunk you can do almost anything, except drive or shoot a three pointer. thus limiting the effectiveness. The reason the drugs and alchol work so well is because for that time you are actually living the moment. That is what it feels...
  10. J

    Do AFC's deserve to be enlightened by us

    I would suggest it but I find that it doesn't really have any power unless they find it for themselves. In fact, telling them exactly what you should not do because that is exactly what our culture is like: other people have to help them, they can't help themselves. Its about self-impowerment...
  11. J

    The Realm of The Real Spirit

    People are not inheritly lazy. Ask your self have you ever felt so full of energy that you didn't know where to start? I have and I learn to harness it every day, each day getting better. It is not YOU that is lazy it is your mind. Think, If, while you were being lazy, a comet crashed down...
  12. J

    Emotions: The Lightswitch

    I totally agree that this is a very important topic. We have all these threads on how a person is to go out and do the boot camp and apply his knowlegde and be a MAN. BUT, what happens most of the time? People are too lazy/scared/etc to do ANYTHING. So I say, why not focus on the things that...
  13. J

    Tough guys...

    It shouldn't really matter. These guys do that probably to get reactions out of other people. If you react to them "because they look/act tough" then you played into there hands and gave them the power. The best thing you can't do is to act like they don't exsist. If you don't let them...
  14. J

    The Horrible Lies of SoSuave.com

    This site can work. So what does it matter? I have seen great results, I have become more of a man. What is more important than that? Anybody can see results. I did not see results immediately, and I still have to work. It is how you go about using this site that determines your success...
  15. J

    The Horrible Lies of SeducingWomen101.com

    I preach this all over the board now a days because it has helped me more than ANYTHING I HAVE EVER DONE. And I agree with you that living in the now is very hard, but IT IS WORTH EVERy INCH OF THE EFFORT. I am honest to god, here. I am going to stick through it. I am going to stick through...
  16. J

    General tip: Getting What You Want in Life

    I have to disagree although I know what you are saying. I used to think this way. I have tried it. I have been in my mind going over something as stupid and useless as just talking to a good looking girl and my mind says "RUN, or punch her!" (fight or flight) and I have tried to logically...
  17. J

    The Horrible Lies of SeducingWomen101.com

    This is the fundimental wrong of most self-help. It is possible to be rid of your problems because every moment holds the key. The mind creates almost all problems. If you live in the moment, using the Power of Now, your mind is no longer WHO YOU ARE. If you live in the now, thus, you don't...
  18. J

    The Horrible Lies of SeducingWomen101.com

    DDV, thank you for try to anwser my questions. alas I have another: Have you read The Power of Now? as for your question:Why didn't you have them(social skills)? Because I grew up always doing things myself. I never was around anybody. At school I stuck around core friends. But, the...
  19. J

    The Horrible Lies of SeducingWomen101.com

    DDV talks alot about pretending. What do you mean? Why can't a person change there actions? Why does changing yourself mean that you are pretending? Honest question. Please don't flame me or try to call me stupid when all I am try to do is to understand. I for one know that I came here...
  20. J

    The Horrible Lies of SeducingWomen101.com

    After reading pooks post, I retract anything I would have responded to. I know what I know, and it works for me. that is that.