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    Penkitten and I Are Getting Married

    This appears to be true Haven't been around in a ***LONG*** time. But, penkitten (known to me by a psuedonym, and also by her REAL name.... muuuwaaahhaaahaaa), did IM me and say that she is indeed getting married. I think she needs to come down (or up, depending on how you look at it) to...
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    What is the Ideal Dj "CAR"

    And that is unusual for a woman because............? :D
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    Beginners guide to becoming WEALTHY

    Gentlemen, Str8up is absolutely correct. When you have a motivated seller, you can get that property for nothing down. The house I am currently living in was obtained "no money down". Hell, I didn't even have the PAPERWORK signed until about 2 weeks later! ;) My brother got a place...
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    Ignoring After Rejection

    Those two things are mutually exclusive. Either SHE ruined it by always treating you bad, or you ruined it. Capiche?
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    What's the ideal age to get married?

    If you don't want kids, don't ever get married. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? ;)
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    Final Outcome of first boyfriend destroyer pattern I ever ran

    No, I knew this chick was psycho. She was just my target practice when I first started running patterns (That, and I planned to just lay her, and that's it). But notice this.... SHE WAS ATTRACTED TO ME FIRST. *sigh* I'm not going around and starting up patterns on chicks that are giving...
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    Final Outcome of first boyfriend destroyer pattern I ever ran

    Gentlemen, I have the final outcome of the first boyfriend destroyer pattern that I ever ran. It's too funny, and I get to have the last laugh. I also ran alot of other patterns on her. Ok, heres the scenario: Remember the chick who was with the abusive boyfriend, that I went to the...
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    Never let a girl put on a condom.

    Tell that to my sister, who had ALL FOUR of her kids while on the pill! :D (Actually, I think there are a couple of other nieces and nephews that were conceived while the women were on the pill, too.)
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    The Key to Success With Girls

    Sadly enough, this guy is right. :( I have found that it is easier to get people to believe the most incredible lies, as oppossed to something that is just somewhat strange, yet true. People want to hear what they want to hear. How many times to people come on this site and say "What...
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    size does matter?

    Do a search in the forums on "short guys" or some variation thereof. It has been answered many times. Short answer.... it's a disadvantage, but in no way a deal stopper.
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    ss success stories

    Haven't you read any of my posts?
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    Effect of pattern run

    At this point, I have no indication that it was the pattern that did it, ESPECIALLY considering the fact that the pattern was so short. I have a tendency to think that this woman is a "monkey-brancher" (you know, won't let go of one b/f unless she has a chance at another), rather than the...
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    Effect of pattern run

    No, I have two chicks I'm running boyfriend destroyer patterns on. The one you're thinking of would be the OTHER one. And HELL NO, I wouldn't get serious with her. She's a Low self-esteem girl. It is WAY WAY WAY too early to say ANYTHING about getting "serious" with her. I haven't even...
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    Questions for Sir Chancelot and all

    One more thing. I really must translate this message from ******** into english. How come you aren't coming to us women to ask advice? We feel ignored, and by God, whatever else you make us feel, you are not going to get away with making us feel ignored. Even though I castigate you...
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    Questions for Sir Chancelot and all

    Kino for a women's mind. Do you like boring guys, or do you like the kind of man that can lead your mind into thoughts, feelings, and desires that you love to experience? The goal of SS is to bring out those thoughts, feelings, and desires and let her realize that she will miss out on those if...
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    Questions for Sir Chancelot and all

    We welcome women's comments, just not what I refer to as the "Just be yourself" type advice. We've tried it, it doesn't work. Not a problem. I'll answer it. I'm avoiding doing laundry today anyway! Which would be how many, exactly? Ah, but honey, here is something that all your years...
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    Effect of pattern run

    Ok guys, A while back, I posted about running the "friends into lovers" pattern on a chick that I had known for a while, but hadn't asked out. (I couldn't find that specific post to update it.) She stopped me mid-pattern and basically said that she was exclusively involved with someone. I...
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    The Secret Art Of Brad Pitt

    Gentlemen, What we have here in an attention wh*re.
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    can patterns be used elsewhere

    I saw something interesting today. I didn't have any clients scheduled, so I was at home doing laundry, cleaning house, etc. (You know, being the good little b*tch! ) I happened to catch the "Dr. Phil" show. He was doing a thing on low self esteem. I thought I might pick up some insights...
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    Need "Boyfriend Destroyer" patterns

    F*cking brilliant. Yeah, I've ran most of Ross's patterns. Like I said, the only reason I haven't NEXT!ed her is that she makes for good practice. That pattern plays into her insecurities. I like the way you think!