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    Girl I'm seeing wants to participate in orgasmic meditation with a 'friend'

    Dude, when a chick wants to be "exclusive" and then is feeling you out to fvck around with other men, you drop her ass. Don't let others try to tell you different telling you that it's ok. It's not ok, it's disrespectful and she is going back on her word. It shouldn't take you this long to drop...
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    Adrian Peterson Indicted For Disciplining His Son

    Actually Jaylan, dasein feels it's ok to use "corporal discipline" on puppies. Since guys like dasein approve of "corporal punishment", they should bring it into the work force. So, when he's two minutes late for work or fvcks up on the job, his boss can slap him upside the head or kick...
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    Girl I'm seeing wants to participate in orgasmic meditation with a 'friend'

    Mtnman failed when he allowed a woman to dictate the terms of sex agreeing to her wishes of not having any other sources of sex. That should always be the man's decision, not the woman's. :yes: You never want to relinquish any sources of sex beholden to one woman when you are not in a...
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    Girl I'm seeing wants to participate in orgasmic meditation with a 'friend'

    :crackup: Now I've heard everything. Never let women decide for you that you should stop spinning plates. That should be your decision alone, not her's. Agreeing to her wishes makes you a beta because you are bowing down to her. Anytime a woman forces a man to give up sex with other...
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    Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy left one of the worst tips

    Haven't you ever heard the term in the restaurant business that "the customer is always right"? :) Again, tipping someone is done out of courtesy, not out of obligation. The tipper can decide whatever extra amount of monetary funds that he decides to relinquish to the tippee. These...
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    Adrian Peterson Indicted For Disciplining His Son

    It didn't seem to phase Adrian that much because he was smiling in his mug shot just like a publicity team photo. :nono: Here we go again, the same group of guys spouting off against the government, Liberals, feminists, without even knowing the facts in which they are proven wrong...
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    Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy left one of the worst tips

    I don't see why this is such a big deal. The only reason it is, because the staff knew who McCoy was and expected a big gratuity. If he was some regular dude out with friends it wouldn't even matter. They expected a big tip and got pissed off when he didn't deliver. That's all that it is, and...
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    New here, need some advice how to proceed

    :crackup: Another Anti Texting guy spouting off his nonsense thinking "his way" is "the only way". And of course Harry will agree with that. :yes: Like I said before, there is a pattern here with the posters, like minds agree with each other. Stugots26 contradicts himself agreeing with...
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    New here, need some advice how to proceed

    Always think of a new chick like a race. You start out at the starting gate and keep moving forward to the finish line. It all starts out as you get her number and then escalates until you get her into bed. Once you have a good first date, you want to keep escalating forward progress...
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    As a person who lived in Baltimore for many years, on the Ray Rice Incident

    I didn't get a chance to finish this up earlier, so I'm replying now. The Lewis incident happened years ago, so you can't compare that to an incident today. Lewis was the face of the Ravens and was a huge force in the NFL so he was protected. Rice is not and was made a example because of this...
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    Need some help guys

    This is your own damn fault for still staying with this girlfriend after she disrespected you over your birthday weekend. I took the time to give you some damn good advice and you ignored it. I'm going to be blunt here, you can't save face. You shown yourself to be a huge beta to your...
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    NFL Toughens Domestic Violence Policy

    :crackup: WTF? I called it like it was and that eats you up doesn't it? You all were proven wrong. :yes: Racist? There was nothing I posted about race. I said a group of men that hate women. And there are groups of men out there that do. Go ahead and report it, There's nothing to...
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    NFL Toughens Domestic Violence Policy

    Jaylan, I called this out in my first post in this thread. :yes: You have a group of men who hate women, so she will be in the wrong no matter what. These guys feel it's ok to smack chicks around and beat them up no matter what. They want NFL Players to get off the hook for that with...
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    How often to you talk to your girl(s) on the phone?

    :crackup: These guys that claim they never text or talk to a chick on the phone are hilarious. It's obvious they don't have any chicks at all. Every interested chick that I've ever known will call and text. Then this guy has the nerve to say "not at all". :crackup: It all depends on...
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    What do you think? (texting)

    That's why I always call to set up my dates or fvck dates. Texting should only be used for communication and escalation, not setting up dates. A good businessman always seals the deal with a phone call. He doesn't email or text to get the deal done. You should be calling the chick so you...
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    Do good women really exist?

    [/B] How can you say that when you settled for a low quality woman with flaws? [/B] So, you allowed yourself to be dumped which sounds like you were acting like a beta. :yes: You can be frustrated with women all you want. If you're not pulling your weight being the dominant force in...
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    Maladjusted and culturally decimated leftoid experiment finds her tingles.

    :crackup: Are you saying George Clooney is effeminate? He's been a Liberal his whole life and he fvcks hot women. Women are attracted to him. Would you say the same about Karl Rove? Let's not be biased here Danger. There are plenty of Liberal men who are feminine and you can always...
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    Don't be forced into, shamed, or just settle for a relationship

    No problem. I never understood myself why a guy would waste his time counting days since his break up. The woman isn't counting the days herself because she has moved on. It's understandable that a guy would do that for a week or so, but when you're on like day 86 or 156, that's ridiculous...
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    Don't be forced into, shamed, or just settle for a relationship

    The worst thing you can ever do, is to be forced to be in a relationship (or settle for one) that you really don't want to be in. That is what an AFC and a beta does. An AFC is afraid of hurting the woman's feelings so they get involved in a relationship they really don't want to be in because...
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    GRIPE: Women refuse to be introspective

    You're the one with hurt the feelings dude, because you took the time trying to shame me once again with your lame posts. Everybody can see that. That is what AFC's do, they shame. What's your problem? This is just a forum, who cares if anybody disagrees with me, that's the whole point of...