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    Anal sex advice request

    Serious replies only please. :D This gal wants to have anal, however condoms hurt her. Yes, lots of lube is used. My question is, is there any thin condom or lube combo that works best? Sticking a lubed up unprotected wang works fine with no pain, but I'm not risking that ****.
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    "BOYISH" playfulness: Women Cant Resist

    Reminds me of Kelso from that 70's show.
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    Guide To Eating

    Very good post. Maybe you should copy those into each of Diesels guides to reduce the amount of questions about food. Im printing out this one!
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    allergic to some fruit

    I have the same exact problem as you. Try the fruit dehydrated. It still tastes great and doesn't give those effects.
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    The Book of Woman

    This is probably one of the best posts I have read here. Very good philosophy and probably the only one that applies to here. Well written, as always by you.
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    New Old Spice Soap

    I got the bar soap of this new old spice the other night. I had heard stuff about it and they have a good rep so I had to check it out. So far it is the best soap I have used. You all should try it.
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    Women are simple

    Very interesting. I like they way you guys think deeply into this sometimes.
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    The reading list you need to be a DJ

    Carnegies book is gold. I also recommend checking out a book on body language and how to read it. If you can't find one of those, a police interrogation book will do well to. You can tell what a person is thinking just by the answers they give and the positions of their body. This is good...
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    Stirred Up The Hornet's Nest Over At Gp.com with my "Tips"

    There are also some good DJ posters over there. Deepdish, Jake Steed, DWK, Dave_710, Dr. Claw, Dr. Metal, and a few others. I think for the most part these guys give some good advice on behalf of the DJ's. Ive noticed that some will even refer guys over here when they are clearly AFC's...
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    Most obvious come-on that was missed

    When I was a junior in high school we had a hockey game across the state. Before the came, I noticed three hot girls looking at me and I didn't think much of it. As I was getting my gear on, a vital strap broke and I had to get a replacement as soon as possible. I finished suiting up and...
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    Little tip find things that make you get a little closer.

    Good tip. A girl I recently called had her Grandfather in the hospital for the first time. I was able to relate with her because mine was in also earlier in the year. The trick is to relate without being forced into the friendzone.