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  1. J

    Man offers $10K for someone to set him up with girlfriend.

    10k is a drop in the bucket for this guy. If you enter private equity after hbs you can get 300k a year or more. Rather spend more time trying to get promoted and jump to the 500k plus mark than spending time chasing girls and losing that opportunity.
  2. J

    my dose of reality on getting married

    I don't have a problem with you posting your thoughts on marriage. The problem I had with you is that you are providing unsolicited advice on whether or not I should get married. I never asked for it. End of story.
  3. J

    my dose of reality on getting married

    Dasein. Please calm down. I can only grasp what you have gone through based on the short post you made and I understand that you have every good intention of warning people like myself who are thinking of tying the knot. I'm very well aware of the situation and I understand all repercussions...
  4. J

    my dose of reality on getting married

    I'm quite confused. You said I'm doing it backwards. Can you please clarify? The point I made is that real life events can be far worse than any sh*ttest you get during the early stages and that you should have the strength and willpower to weather the storm else you risk the relationship...
  5. J

    my dose of reality on getting married

    Yes I want children (but who knows if my opinion changes any time soon). The reason I would like to get married is that despite the negative circumstances I've written about, there were a string of positive synergies (almost unexplainable) after we got together. I was able to find a...
  6. J

    my dose of reality on getting married

    I've had a wonderful relationship with my GF for the past 2 years and I have decided to tie the knot very soon. I've experienced a "dose of reality" so to speak on the hardships that I can expect during marriage. I felt compelled to write this post because in large part I've led a very...
  7. J

    Okay so my wife and i got in a pretty big fight last night

    Damn. That's some crazy snooping around. I had no idea something like that was going around here. This is pushing things way way too far....
  8. J

    Why doesn't she stay over

    I hate to say this but I can smell the "neediness" oozing from your post. I can only imagine how you act to her in person. This explains a bulk of issues you are encountering now.
  9. J

    How do you prevent being Third wheeled in social settings?

    If you have a problem becoming the 3rd wheel with diverse groups (say you interacted with a group of techies one day, lawyers the next, retail sales associates the next etc) in different settings then the problem is you because it means that you have a general issue connecting. If you have a...
  10. J

    10 things three years of poverty has taught me.

    5. Poverty breeds poor choices. Be mindful. Why do poor people smoke, or buy fast food, or have 3 or 4 baby mamas? Because when life is a grind, simple quick pleasures are all you think you'll get. You tend to think only about right now and not long term. It's hard to sit down and say to...
  11. J

    Question : As a MM how can you create or repair your reputation?

    It's quite simple. If people need a reason to use you or find you useful then your reputation will magically come back. It's all about cost, benefit and risk....
  12. J

    ever wonder why you ended up with a BPD? I realized something

    Lots of ss members say to work on your inner game but that's easier said than done. Sometimes your problem may have been rooted in your bloodline for years. I've made significant strides in addressing my problems but it's been improvements never a full fix. People underestimate the effort and...
  13. J

    ever wonder why you ended up with a BPD? I realized something

    A few years ago, I was involved with a BPD. I'm not interested in giving the details or validating the story because it's been out of my head. There was one thing, however, that I kept asking myself. Out of all possible interactions why was it me who got involved? (especially since every one...
  14. J

    Where do you meet quality single 30+ women?

    The context of how it is used seems more problematic. Look at the title of the post "where do you meet quality single women" (e.g. where do I meet my unicorn). I have tons of quality women around me. Nothing too "matrixy" about that.
  15. J

    The Great Irony of the SMV theory

    Off topic but who actually agrees with that scale? I can't believe anyone would consider most of those 9s as "9s". That Asian girl is more like a 7 at best.
  16. J

    Age Difference and dating younger women/what society thinks

    Covering this age gap for Asian girls (and I'm not talking about bringing some a mail-order bride from overseas) is much much more difficult. I've gone as low as -14 years with several attractive asian girls. That being said almost everything must line up perfectly for that to happen...
  17. J

    Nerds need to stop being faggots

    Obviously this guy comes from a tier 3 and lower school to be saying something like this. Go look at glassdoor and confirm yourself.
  18. J

    A challenging career situation

    Let me add some more words of consolation. By no means am I putting down your achievements, but if someone is paying you thrice of what you are getting now my guess is that you are serving a very specific niche market which means one of few things. 1) it's dangerous - (e.g. sending you off...
  19. J

    James Bond married to a fattie

    For all the things she can do with the money he's got, I'm surprised she's not doing something like liposuction or what not. YOu would think that media pressure alone will get her to cave in and do something. She must really not give a damn.
  20. J

    Guy sells organs to buy luxury bad for GF. This is ridiculous.

    As much sympathy I have for those who are not yet unplugged, certain people like this need to be weeded out of the population for the better good of humanity. http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/nation/2013/01/511_129121.html For those who doubt the legitimacy of this website, it is...