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    How to make long distance dating with a crazy young hot girl work?

    First, don't waste your time on this girl. She is problematic and not worth one ounce of your energy........ About long distance "relationships". It can be a good way to visit a woman, have sex, and keep her from invading your space too much. Visit. Sex. Go home and maybe repeat on another visit...
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    I’m a woman looking for advice from men. Was I too forward with him?

    To Browneyes (this also applies to men and is worth reading for the men in here). First, never try to wreck relationships to satisfy your selfish desires. Sexual desire is good and there are plenty of single men out there for a woman to date. It becomes selfish and destructive when you try to...
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    Told one my plates, her hair, body and breath stink

    Don't waste time on women with bad hygiene. It's unattractive and your standards should be higher.
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    How to Escalate During Dinner Date

    You're welcome.
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    How to Escalate During Dinner Date

    Here's an idea or two for you. Have dinner at your place or her place. If you have dinner out, being across the table isn't a huge obstacle. Women sometimes play "footsies" with you under the table. You can easily go from gazing into a woman's eyes, to a subtle touch on the wrist or top of the...
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    Inexperienced loser mature man

    This is good in many ways. It teaches you to keep your standards in mind in all areas. It saves valuable time. It also prevents being rejected un-necessarily, which can help especially if you fear rejection.
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    Inexperienced loser mature man

    A lot of times an interested woman will offer her number right after you give her yours. The idea is that you weed out the women with low interest quickly instead of blindly approaching them. You observe women's responses to you and move forward only with those you're attracted to that show...
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    Inexperienced loser mature man

    In the future I'll be posting a new topic about making your interactions with women rejection-proof. It's not that every woman will be interested in you. Its simply that you learn to recognize the ones showing signs of high interest and move forward in such a way that you simply pre-screen and...
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    Inexperienced loser mature man

    Sometimes little things can make a big difference. Most of the replies have covered the bigger things. I will mention something small but important. Small like putting gasoline in your car or having brakes that will stop you safely. 99.9999% of the major things can work in a car but without the...
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    Women lose RESPECT for you if you eat them out

    No need to over think this. Just do what you both enjoy in the bedroom. If you give a woman pleasure you'll have a very hard time getting rid of her. This could be a good or bad thing. She will hold on for dear life to a man who makes her feel good in the bedroom. Women only lose respect for...
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    The Easy Way to Meet Women (Part 1)

    Hahaha! Yeah Bokanovsky. That's another sign that maybe she just might be interested...... A few more 18) While making eye contact she narrows her eyes during conversation. (aka bedroom eyes) 19) She twirls her hair while keeping eye contact. Or flips her hair. 20) She primps or straightens...
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    The Easy Way to Meet Women (Part 1)

    Hey Pedro, The good thing about being able to recognize and look for women's signals of high interest or sexual attraction is you can use that knowledge not just to meet women but to avoid certain situations or scenarios or women you want to avoid. Let me give you an example. Part of my code...
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    Proposal Etiquette

    I've always felt like proposing should be something you do in private when you're alone with your woman. It's something private between you and her. Asking in public creates undue social pressure for her to say yes and the goal isn't necessarily to get a yes. It's to get a sincere answer. A...
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    The Easy Way to Meet Women (Part 2)

    Hi again. Welcome to Part 2. If you haven't read Part 1 yet, please either go back and read Part 1 first or after reading this go back and read Part 1. You need all of the pieces of the puzzle in order to be able to fully understand and implement what I'm telling you. Now that we have that out...
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    The Easy Way to Meet Women (Part 1)

    Now we have a list of some of the signals that show a woman is interested in you. So let's say we see these signals. An attractive woman is showing multiple behaviors that show she has some interest. How does this allow us to meet women with very little effort? How is what I'm going to show or...
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    The Easy Way to Meet Women (Part 1)

    Dr. Suave......There's a general rule that is true most of the time. In general a man can get a woman at his level plus or minus 2. So if you're a 6 you can date women who are 6's, 7's or 8's. You can also get 4's and 5's. Maybe the women you think are "out of your league" really aren't. But...
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    The Easy Way to Meet Women (Part 1)

    These signals are not necessarily guarantees but if you see many of them combined together the probability of her being interested on some level is much higher than if you don't see any of these signals at all. Just one or two of these behaviors alone means little. It's when many signals are...
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    The Easy Way to Meet Women (Part 1)

    11) Sprinkling in sexual innuendo during your conversation. 12) Comparing you directly or indirectly to a character from a movie that is sexually attractive to women or good-looking. (Comparing you to James Dean or calling you Don Juan or Cassanova. Or comparing you to some actor she likes.)...
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    The Easy Way to Meet Women (Part 1)

    Some signs of high interest. 1) She engages in girlfriend type behaviors even if you haven't been on a date. (ex. She straightens your shirt or shirt collar. She gets physically close to you a lot during conversation. She puts her hand on your chest or on your waist during conversation. She...
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    The Easy Way to Meet Women (Part 1)

    Hey everyone. Now is as good a time as any to share with you an easy way to meet women. After replying to an old thread about Signs of High Interest I realized that although the information in the reply was good it would get lost in the noise of the "Hall of Excellence" section. I felt like it...