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    31 an still living with my mother

    idk some might consider someone living with their parents so they can pay off their luxury vehicle as "milking it." ill never understand why some people will buy a nice ass car before focusing on obtaining their own place. i agree that op shouldnt ask his mom for help with school when he lives...
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    Couldn't get her out for drinks...Why?

    So because I assume that something may be better when it is something that I have not experienced yet and you obviously have, makes me one who thinks like an average rational male? You know what, you're probably right. No matter what, I don't want to give up thinking that there are some decent...
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    Couldn't get her out for drinks...Why?

    I wish I could tell you, I honestly do. I am seriously considering online dating soon. Not some free or sleazy site, but a place where two people genuinely want to start dating and possibly form a relationship. I would much rather let the flakes be flakes and wean themselves out. If something...
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    A post about friends (or rather ex-friends)

    Exactly. Why does everything have to be a competition? What ever happened to being good to one another and being there for each other. I can no longer stand this superficial state of friendships I currently have, where the only reason we hang out is to drink together and watch football, chase...
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    A post about friends (or rather ex-friends)

    I am getting older, in my mid-20's now, and I am finally over trying to fit in. I am done being insecure about not having friends, and keeping bad friends in order to stay popular or have things to do. I have tried to see past all the BS but I am starting to realize that the people I consider...
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    A discussion on confidence and a personal update

    Zekko and hullothere, you guys are right. looks can matter, but as you stated zekko, not in closing the deal. again, not to boast, but i remember last year i was at a bar and a good looking girl told her bartender friend that she wanted to talk to me. I told her to come over and we ended up...
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    What does "success" mean to you?

    Man i wrote a post earlier today about confidence and I think I was heading more toward this question, you wrote it for me lol. This is what has been on my mind lately. The haves and the have nots. The guys with motivation who accomplish and those that are content in their little shells of...
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    A discussion on confidence and a personal update

    Hey guys, I wanted to talk about confidence and share a bit of an update on me. So basically, the past year I have really been working hard to get my life to a point where I do not have to rely on a girl for my happiness. I want a full life; I want to be a man with passions that will fulfill him...
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    Body Language

    As far as my google search went, it was not very helpful and slightly pathetic. Techniques mentioned such as standing up straight, chin up, chest out, T/V shaped, not guarded; are all things I found I do anyways. I at times have trouble with eye contact until I become aware of it, then I focus...
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    Body Language

    Thanks Sam, and great article. I am a bartender myself, and I could have written this article myself, although perhaps not as eloquently. It drives me nuts seeing people come out in public to a social setting, in an atmosphere where you are supposed to be social, all to mindlessly stare at their...
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    Body Language

    Hey guys, been a while since Ive posted on here, been getting my life together and things are going really well for me nowadays. I have a question that I feel like I should know the answer to and that is to most people common sense, but I need some confirmation or just opinions. What...
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    Caring too much of what others think.

    Been a while since I have been here but I continue to lurk maybe once a month and see whats up. I have been battling this for years man. I think I am changing, because I guess I realized that it doesn't do you any good to think others do not like you. Negative thoughts do not do any good, and...
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    This is getting too common

    Trust me, if the girl is really interested, she will go out of her way to get together with you. At this point in my life, I am so busy and so focused on myself and my goals that I am a lot less focused on acquiring a woman. At the same token, I have much less time for their BS, attention...
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    If you aren't going forward, you are giong backwards

    BB solid post man. So damn true, this reminds me of my recent post "what did you do to ruin the relationship". Your thread and your friends experience puts it into a different perspective, yet it pertains to the same underlying lesson to be learned. What BB is saying is that men and women...
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    The title should have read,"Why you should have more confidence". Egos are bad for us, and the problem is, there is nothing we can do about them other than be consciously aware that our egos are constantly trying to stroke themselves. Our egos blind us, and separate us from reality. Your...
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    How do you prefer to be rejected?

    Funny you post this tonight. A few weeks ago, I was at an outside tiki bar type place and this bachelorette party was there. The bride starts talking to me and tells me that I should take her friend to the wedding. I talk to the friend a little and I get her number. A few days later I text her...
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    Dumped again so I'm back..Some ranting, some hard earned wisdom and some questions.

    My best advice: keep your head up dude. Like others have said, this time of pain manifests into a time of growth, if you let it. As my dad told me about 4 months ago, this is a time for some soul searching. What you had planned is no longer going to happen, so your brain is scrambling for...
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    Can't be bothered with superficial relationships?

    I know exactly where you are coming from dude. I have ALWAYS been like this. It's like the girls I really want to fvck are the ones I strive to be in a relationship with. If I cannot imagine being in a relationship with a girl and she is not my type, then naturally, I have no desire to fvck her...
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    Why my life is so awesome right now, and sucks so bad at the same time

    I am having one of those nights. My pregnant ex is on my mind. I think about her everyday, not constantly, but at least a few times a day I think about her. I have been keeping busy and improving my life little by little. When I first found out 3 months ago, I resorted to smoking weed and...
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    Advice appreciated

    I guess I should have left out the word hobbies and just stuck to passions. I felt lost a year or two ago and REALLY wanted a GF so that my life would be a little more full. Of course, it is our natural instinct to find a mate. However, you don't just want to date someone for the sake of being...