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    What does it mean when she asks if my father is religious???

    She's either christian or jewish.
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    Are women even still open to meeting men the old-fashioned way anymore?

    I would argue that the method does matter. Most men do not have good photography pictures or model-like pics so women consider them low quality simply by their picture. Meanwhile in real life, women have more of their senses engaged including the anxiety of actually having to encounter someone...
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    Are women even still open to meeting men the old-fashioned way anymore?

    It is hard for attractive men in real life, but remember, even women have gotten fed up with online dating. I have had more reception with women in real life. And because they are socially inept and the men around them are, too, they tend to be easy pickings. Just be aware that if you do not...
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    6 months dating her, no sex and she broke up with me

    I would argue that you did not have "it." And because you did not have "it", she never fell into your frame. I hear all this "almost naked" and other moments and I bet you were too forceful during those instead of smoothly making her remove her clothes. Women like a man who wants sex, contrary...
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    Proper response to a flake and late response?

    Women really be like that these days. But remember, don't blame them. They have so many options in their DMs and on social media that it makes sense that you are just another guy. They're addicts and addicts are going to do what they always do. Don't sweat it but also be mindful that this is the...
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    Good job on the Black Theme

    I bump heads a lot with the admins yet whoever came up with the black theme for the forum, it looks good.
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    Penis Envy is vital to understanding women

    Women want the power of men but not the responsibility. The reason they want power so much because in our world of people hustling and trying to be the best, men have and will always be the top.
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    In which country would you love to live and why?

    In which country would you love to live and why? Nothing beats home.
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    Youtube short that sums up todays' dating market

    I'll like to clarify that the men in that picture likely were chasing fashion that women of their time deem nice. The big issue with the bottom right soyboy is that he went all in on the feminist agenda created by the parallel culture above him. I would say the men are worse off than the women...
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    Miller Lite: We're Sorry For Using Women in Bikinis in Past Ads

    Nothing is more heartbreaking than watching old WWF and WCW [before they became WWE] and seeing all the bombshell of women that use to walk down the ramp. Now in WWE: No fun allowed Extra cause image limit: Image4
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    Article: Is Everyone on Steroids?

    That's my schedule already. If you want, you can give me a few places to start to advance my routines if it's keeping to an hour. The problem I found with weightlifting and conditioning is that there is never any set in stone routines like SS or TM was. That is why I liked them more.
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    Article: Is Everyone on Steroids?

    I held back on serious stuff due to time and being content with where I was. Muscle building like isolations is a daytime job and I have many things that I am devoting my time to atm.
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    Article: Is Everyone on Steroids?

    Starting Strength transitioned into Texas Method.
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    Article: Is Everyone on Steroids?

    Not to demean your progress but Im well underway to the picture on the right. I do thank good genetics. That is why Im am delaying my decision until I see what next year looks like. Though I will say it took me six years to get this body to begin with.
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    Jimmy Butler has been in Tennis Star Cocao Gauff's Dms and offering her tickets to the finals

    If I may turn this around for a moment, I think older and meopausal are only for sex and temporary fun. There is no value in an aged woman so their only value comes from the fact a guy can nut in her now and again. We do want companionship but we can get that from young hot girls, too. A young...
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    Article: Is Everyone on Steroids?

    This is currently my diet. I eat ice cream as a treat now and again, but it is not like I am getting fat either. Though I am thinking cutting it out to keep as lean as possible. I am already skinny enough as is at 185 lb/ 6'3". I do like my current look but I wonder if I increased my weight...
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    Article: Is Everyone on Steroids?

    I may try it or I might stay natural. I'll like to see where my body goes in one more year and if it does not look like I am developing how I want, I might give it a go.
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    Article: Is Everyone on Steroids?

    I always look at steroids as enhancers. They do give men a competitive advantage in looks. Currently, I have a good muscled v taper going on yet I'll never be as really filled out as the guy on gear. I have low fat and a good form, but I know it can be better if I took something. I just refuse...