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    10 years too late?

    Why I know it was genuine desire earlier is because it was like 10 times a day (no sh!t).. she wanted it more than me to the point I had to say I’m chaffing on my c0ck and need a break today.. I don’t expect to go back to that but I’m an every other day kind of guy.. definitely got complacent...
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    10 years too late?

    A little more information based on responses, they’ve all been useful in one way or another so far.. yes they’re my kids and yes there was genuine desire before the kids.. and I was definitely part of the problem getting to this point.. former AFC here with “Nice Guy” (raised by a single mom)...
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    10 years too late?

    Hey guys newly red pilled 36yo here.. straight to be point.. been in a LTR for like 10 years now (she’s 38 solid 8), 2 kids (didn’t vet my choices as I was blue pilled most of my life).. anyway it’s glaringly obvious at this point that genuine desire has left the LTR and been replaced with...