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    Right after getting #

    i usually text them right away and say "whos that hot guy standing next to you?" check to see if she saves the # in her phone when she reads it.
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    Analysis of "The Game" book by Neil Strauss

    he stole that from ali g, hes even admitted it.
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    Ménage à trois

    if shes lame in the sack, shes not ready for a threesome. is there a reason you cant teach her yourself? are you as bad as her?
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    Face it, Direct Game is not a good way to meet girls.

    you just need more practice. besides. would you rather direct approach 100 girls and land 5 of them, or would you rather approach none and land 0 of them?
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    Having a Myspace: Desperate?

    nope, almost all of my friends i hang out with have one, most people i know use it to communicate with friends.
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    A Quick Tip To Remember Her Name If You Forgot

    i wait for one of her friends to call her by her name.
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    Working Girls: Why To Avoid Them

    lol, you creeped a few girls out at a&f and you're all of a sudden an expert?
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    Big Man On Campus - HolyG's Self-Improvement

    what did you do to try to isolate?
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    Anyone Here Have Dominance Issues With Managers At Work?

    yeah all the time, thats why i work for myself now. there will always be some insecure 40 year old prick who hates life because hes still working retail making $12 an hour who abuses his authority.
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    What is your number/date ratio?

    have a pre set plan before you go out, like "going bowling with some friends". then when you find a girl with high interest you say "im going bowling with some friends thursday, you should come with us". once she says yes THEN get the #. it doesnt even have to be real, you could always change...
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    Swimmer's body?

    i know exactly what you mean. you need to do some heavy low rep lifting. squats, deadlift, bench, etc. thats what did the trick for me.
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    Swimmer's body?

    you're far far from a bulky look. im you're same height and weigh about 50 pounds more and dont consider myself bulky. when i was 5'7 130lb about 5 years ago i was skinny as a ****ing toothpick with no body fat.
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    Critique my approach at A&F

    he meant building rapport before you even got the #. another thing to do is instead of getting the phone # set the date up in person. "hey you seem like you're fun, im going to a party in ______ saturday night and meeting a bunch of friends there, you should come with me" if you want to be...
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    Critique my approach at A&F

    "Me: "I kinda like your shirt, but the problem is that a lot of women are wearing the exact same thing. I want to find something special for her."" that was money
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    I think my body fat is going down

    they have some good healthy ice cream sandwiches at costco, its called skinny cow
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    FR: Dating site

    ive been on that site from the beginning, the only good thing about that site is its pretty much the only site on the internet that the girls outnumber the guys by like 5 or 10 to 1. i would never get serious with a girl off there because its full of gold diggers, its great for finding girls to...
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    fuking covers at bars

    supply and demand
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    Should I openly say I'm Atheist ?

    if you're looking for a hookup i wouldnt say it, if you're looking for something serious its good to let them know up front.
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    would you rent a car for a date ?

    i would drive the old car even if i still had the 50k car at home. if a girl doesnt like you because of your car then why waste your time with her anyway?
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    Working out alone

    ask someone working out next to you to spot you on the bench. ive asked about a thousand times and i NEVER had someone refuse to spot me.