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    a shout out to the old Don Juans.....

    I haven't posted here for over two years. Just wanted to say hi to all the old Don Juans still around. I still single and having fun. To the new, young guys: Don't just read and think about this stuff on the website. Put the stuff into action.
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    Weights and bulking are overrated.

    There are a lot of weight trainers who neglect stretching. It is important.......
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    ONE YEAR FROM TODAY - I'm Getting Married

    Congrats Gio......hope it works out
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    Guide For Newbie Weightlifters Part One

    They should also wear one of those rubber suits to help lose fat. Afterwards, they should hook up on of those electric shock belts to help on losing the belly fat.
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    Went SPEED DATING tonite-report

    My guess would be that a lot of these gals are very picky like chicks who poster personal ads just to see what responses they will get. I bet they have very specific criteria as to what they are interested in....... How much did you pay?
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    Speed Dating Revisited

    MisterAl- I've never been to one of these but I visited a website after seeing a special on the local news. The service in my area is www.pre-dating.com. The price for a session is $29. They advertise you will meet 10-12 others in a two hour time period. I do the usual meet women in...
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    How to convert a girl who wont give a BJ?

    Tell her Mr. Johnson tastes like chocolate, has zero calories, and produces an enzyme which boosts her metabolism.
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    I have discovered my secret weapon!

    maranathaman is back in the house :p Still taking pictures of the women? :D
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    Red marks from squats

    Right. I wasn't implying powerlifters don't get red marks, but that the lifters know their shyt on proper techniques........
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    Red marks from squats

    A pad changes the weight distrubtion on your body. Red marks are normal. But make sure you don't feel pain. Read up on how the powerlifters hold the bar. There are so many things that people don't understand in squatting (like blocking).......
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    Many gyms have a power rack where you can slide a bench into the cage and set the safety pins at an appropriate level.
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    How important are muscles to girls?

    That is thin. As long as you are healthy and feel happy, then go with the flow. In order to stimulate lean weight gain, you need to lift. I bet you could get some great results spending less than three hours a week in the gym.
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    What to do on a first date.....!!!!

    Uh, sounds like you don't have to do much...except watch out for the handcuffs and hot candle wax :D
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    How important are muscles to girls?

    Yeah, the powerlifting movements do pack on the mass. Shyt, wish I was a 6'2" meso (I'm a 5'9" endo). I thought you might have an inside tip I haven't heard before. p.s. Are you the guy that is the nurse? If so, are you still having problems with women accepting that?
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    The Vagina

    Did you get a sudden urge to play miniature golf?
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    How important are muscles to girls?

    the game 250 # at 10% is huge.... a 100 # gain in 4 years is outstanding. Do you mind sharing your workout routine/tips?
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    Calling a girl for the first time

    So my questions are, What things should I say to set up a date and when is the best time to call?***** Check out the show 'Swingers'. The guy shows exactly how it is done......
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    Online Personals (Merged threads)

    I don't know why so many are against the Internet sites... Posting a good ad on a variety of websites and taking advantages of free offers to send e-mail while working your game everyday = good idea Spending hours at home by yourself cruising dating sites and spending hundreds on...