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    what happened to Pook?

    He made legend status BEFORE he ditched the site. For him to catch on that quick from his life experiences and document it here that early on is what awoke this community. Mad props. Fair winds brother.
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    Do you see feminism burning itself out anytime soon?

    Yep, it will take years to run its course though. Especially with the women-huggers in office currently.
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    I had a cashier tell me....

    Her: "Has anyone ever told you you're really cute?!" bradd80: "YEP. Let's fvck." :)
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    I have a problem and need some advice

    :D LMFAO..best part of the story altogether. They can't do sh!t to your spring break plans, hitch a ride and get out of town. That sounds like a first time offense and you should be ok. Show the RA (or 2) respect.
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    Texas Women Sue X-Rated Revenge Porn Website

    :crazy: ...:crackup: ...:nervous: Punishtube fetish father hahaha!
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    Being a male stuntman for cheer team? GOOD IDEA or BAD

    Lots of scholarship opportunities to higher education. My friend did it for years while competing in powerlifting competitions on the side. He is now training to be a bomb squad technician ha..
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    Elephant in the closet

    Pics? She needs to start giving you 1 to 2 *******s a day.
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    How the random breakup/nc thing works great to your advantage

    enough with your bullsh!t already...
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    Couldn't help you. I'm a chubby chaser.
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    found texts

    http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080127145628AA0aZAN Put her in that situation and then WALK out the door permanently.
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    Some useful Trifectas for the aspiring DJ

    word dot com!! Thanks this is good to go over now and again.
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    What a fvcking shame

    Hey now! She might could get a role in some sort of lowly porno.
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    good dilemma

    Try to keep your distance and minimize volunteering excessive information to her. Especially unwarranted information sharing. I'd game her early though.
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    Co-Worker - Should I do Something?

    Career First. Hoes on the street come later.
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    Online Forum? This forum is drowning in online posts..

    Yep I avoid online dating like the plague. No interest in that crap. A separate forum would be good I suppose.
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    one night stand girl threatens to harm me

    Which is why she will remain a one night stand tramp for you and others. She is highly unstable and she has no problems expressing it. I had one I slept with 3 nights in a row tell me she would shoot me with her pistols if I beat her dogs or her...what a great way to get anything meaningful...
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    How many women you guys slept with?

    Yea I was just kidding about the "700+" I'm far from it. I can see my number easily going up though since I'm going active duty as well. Overseas stations means I won't be forming any LTR's back home NOR will I be entertaining marriage.
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    Stirred Up The Hornet's Nest Over At Gp.com with my "Tips"

    ...and I'm bumping it for the SAME reason ;)