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    What is this girl doing on POF?

    Prob has tourettes ..
  2. H

    She turned out to be a he

    Maybe it's revenge on her ex bf.. and he is the ex..
  3. H

    She flaked on date #3, drop her?

    Maybe you were too predictable.. She told you to call her wed and you did.. so that's like her saying jump.. and you say how high? I would try again.. give a few days.. then initiate a few texts here and there. Feel the vibe of the convo.. if she seems distant and aloof i'd walk away then.. if...
  4. H

    How Can I Get my Ex-Girlfriend Back (HELP!)

    Well if it works out you better not go back to your old ways.. take it from me man.. I made a few minor mistakes and one bad one not nearly as bad as yours and I lost the girl forever.. Being enslaved and left putting the pieces together in your own mind but never truly knowing the correct...
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    How Can I Get my Ex-Girlfriend Back (HELP!)

    Your gf is weak.. she shouldn't of came back.. At least not this fast.. You will only treat her like sh!t again when the routine starts kicking back in.. She should of left you single for 3-4 months to make you appreciate what you had.. instead she isn't as strong as she thought she was.. Both...
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    Advice on girl I met tonight

    So she just texted me.. She liked a shot I gave her last night.. she said, "you have to tell me what was in that shot!" Thanks guys.. Glad I didnt text her first. Lets see where this goes.
  7. H

    Advice on girl I met tonight

    Yea the deed is done ;) Feels good.. sucks because I will never know but frats? Well the frats can entertain her now.. because I'm no longer an option :) Thanks guys !
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    Advice on girl I met tonight

    Eh you guys are right.. I was talking to my friend and he said when he was talking to her she said they were going to a frat after that.. I'm just gonna erase her number from my phone as suggested and never contact her.. This already smells bad news now.
  9. H

    Advice on girl I met tonight

    Lol.. it's not that I'm getting that worked up.. I honestly haven't shown her anything yet more than a good time. I kissed her first so Technically she did me the favor. Like I said I've been in rutt for a while.. so I just want to make sure I approach the situation right is all. But good...
  10. H

    Advice on girl I met tonight

    Thanks guys for the advice.. I'm spinning some plates but nothing that I'm 100% interested in. (Hooked up with two different chicks in the last week before this one.. I'm not desperate by any means) Well the reason I bought her drinks is because she was part of the group.. and it was only a...
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    Advice on girl I met tonight

    Okay guys this is it.. I never thought it would happen but I met a girl tonight who was omg.. just amazing. And I think she will finally help me get over the girl I've been stuck on for the last couple months. So I met her tonight through mutual friends shes an HB9 at best. We just clicked...
  12. H

    Rebounding from BIG mistakes

    This was yrs ago.. People make mistakes.. Maybe to you he was a loser but she found something in him she liked. You can't hate him because of that. Maybe he didn't have the motivation or drive for academics you have.. or is as successful but maybe he was confident or just had a trait she liked...
  13. H

    Running into an Ex after a bad ending.

    Anybody? I'm heading out soon.. Thoughts appreciated. Scars, I'm maxed on posts for now.. but I can go to other bars but the other well, suck. And this one is my favorite and me and my friends always go to it.. So I figure this is my school too I shouldn't have to rearrange my life for one...
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    Running into an Ex after a bad ending.

    So, for those of you who have ended things with an ex on bad terms how have you handled running into her again months down the road? Me and the last girl I was seeing, obviously things ended badly. I went a little AFC and tried talking to her a few times nothing really bad.. but I use the term...
  15. H

    Need some perspective (re-post new thread)

    Dude.. he is an ex.. and obviously still attached. Sounds vindictive and jealous.. I wouldn't care what he has to say. Just go on about your life with her.. And if he contacts you, be the bigger person and tell him you are not interested. Trust me it will save you a lot of grief and headache...
  16. H

    On Being Exclusive

    Yea but he said she is getting distant now.. and he's looking for more out of it.. So he may have to detach before this turns into a onitis.
  17. H

    On Being Exclusive

    Yea you came off as if it was strictly platonic. In that case. See how it pans out .. If she gets distant be a little distant too.. If she doesn't come around in another week.. then set things straight with her on where you'd like to be, so you know.. I mean at the 6 week mark you guys should be...
  18. H

    On Being Exclusive

    I think you waited too long.. I'd get her to hang out and go for a kiss.. then that will be your answer.. If she rejects move on.. if she goes for it.. then start progressing more.. but still keep it casual.. let her be the one to express "feelings" just keep her interested.
  19. H

    Roommate set me up on a sneak-attack blind date

    Why do you want some worn out broad anyway.. Stick with the girls your age I'd imagine they are much more desirable, and more of a turn on anyway.
  20. H

    "I don't want sex"

    You can't just commence and discuss having sex when you are not in a relationship.. She will say no now.. But when you are kissing her and going at it.. her story will change. Take her to the bar have a bunch of drinks.. ask her if she wants to come back to your place to watch: "how I met your...