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    45 caliber crisis (mid life March)

    Dear ZTime, I don't post much, but I followed you since you came here, in the "Saw it coming" thread. Btw, As Mauser said, everyone should check the whole thread. I hope I won't come off too conceited or too strong, but I hope I can give you some good insight. It might also be therapeutic for...
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    30 Years Old and Not Clear on The Right Path in Life - Need Feedback

    I'm wondering the same stuff so I'm interested as well.
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    Do I go see the ex?

    Hey Cejay, Been following your progress I know you already know the answer to this tho... reread this. http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?t=155594 Even if you want her back, the answer is "ignore her"
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    Let's talk about my GF's red flags - LONG

    Dear MOTU, With all due respect, and I hope you won't take it bad, but it seems to me that your guts are well aware of the Red Flags. And that you are seeking for some kind of justification to keep seeing her. Ask yourself this and be honest : are you asking people here for their approval...
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    Should Have Saw It Coming

    She is baiting you with the kids. Don't fall for it
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    Hey Vega, long time no see I'm with Mauser. I bet it's a lie. Don't give in and do not answer ! Some women have a twisted way for getting attention. I'm not the type of guy that screams "BPD" for every minor things but be careful here. Don't be swallowed by the vortex. She seems a little...
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    How'd I handle this situation with gf

    if she doesn't behave properly, withdraw your attention. You can communicate like that, coverly. Start seeing other women
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    Follow the you just got dumped guide and listen to Noyou. Stay ghost. If you reinitiate, asking that question, you will be done. Understand this : even if you are willing to get back with her in the future, you have to be prepared TO LOSE HER. Don't cling on the idea of "I should answer so...
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    Should Have Saw It Coming

    Ztime, you can't be more right. You know the old "bros before hoes" adage right ? Let me tell you this : Women will come and go. But good friends will stay forever. So yeah, cherish them from time to time. Don't become that guy that get isolated from his friends because of his GF. NEVER...
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    Look, you know the answer already So Im gonna give you some tough bro love you need to listen to. As Noyou said, he is just looking for your validation. And in the process of giving it to him, you will hurt yourself more, while you seek for your own validation and ego boost Stop being so...
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    I agree with Noyou. Even if he msg you telling he wants you back, don't give in yet. I think there are some rules that you need to follow when you want to give anotehr try with an ex when you been dumped : 1/ the ex has to be very determined 2/ the ex and you moved on 3/ both the ex and...
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    possible to attract her again ?

    Your strategy is ok It's just that she was insecure and went for the beta bucks. Nothing you can do. Because if you turned beta, she would have lost interest anyway In the end, you dodged a bullet. But she will probably try to test the water sometime and try again, or cheat with you etc...
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    Should Have Saw It Coming

    She is just baiting you... Don't answer. Seriously, stop thinking what she is thinking about you. It's a sign that you still care, and you want her back. Who care if she thinks you're rude ? What you are supposed to do ? be a so called mature man, when in fact, it's just for her...
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    Systemic Issue Has Put Me In The Deepest Slump Of My Life -- Please Help

    Here are my thought based on what you said : Do you see how the old beta you panicked when a gorgeous women was talking to him ? like a 9 or something. You were scared right ? Probably lost frame, maybe became creepy or something. Maybe it's what's in her mind too ? If your value is that...
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    Systemic Issue Has Put Me In The Deepest Slump Of My Life -- Please Help

    This got my attention. I get the feeling that you are putting pvssies on a piedestal. That your happiness is linked to the fact of getting a GF. If this wasn't the case, this thread wouldn't exist. Or at least, you would't have added that at the end. And maybe chicks are feeling it. Learn...
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    How often do you see a girl you've slept with?

    I think you are seeing this in the wrong way. There is no magic number. But if you're working on your innergame, improving yourself, you won't have to ask yourself this type of question. The reason is that if you're TRULY improving yourself and hooked into some hobbies, women will be down...
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    How do you treat your plate?

    She will bring the exclusivity talk soon enough. you have two choice : 1/ Be honest with her. You might have to drop this plate but at least you're honest. If she still wants to see you, then it's HER choice and HER responsability. At least, you keep your integrety 2/ Lie to her. Pretend...
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    Should I have been more sexual with her?

    Next time try to think something like this : If you don't try to have sex with her, it doesn't mean you respect her. It's just white knight bullsh1t way of thinking. Having sex with a girl is something NATURAL. You have to show your intention. In fact, you came as non-masculine man...
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    Seeking help, advice and mostly to learn‏

    Dear CBL Classic case of her wanting validation from you, just for some time, until she is ready to move on. So, Go total NC on her. If she comes back, stay NC. Let her deal with the consequence of her decision. If you hadn't a oneitis, you could have downgrade her to a FWB or a plate...
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    Hi Vega, I think I going through the same thing right now. I don't know why I still think about her, even If I'm at a very good spot right now (7 months later). It's not some heartaches. It's not painful. But I still catching myself thinking about her, sometimes fantasize some sh1t like she...