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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    Hey I am kind of confused. Why do you guys say I am a pushover or that I let her disrespect me? were you guys there? I don't want to sound like I am angry but you guys make it seem like she was running over me or the relationship. Now I can see based on what i wrote you guys automatically assume...
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    Well, never thought I'd be here. I have been in a relationship on and off for almost the past 2 years. Even when we broke up I would inadvertently do the no contact rule and she would come back and we would get back together. This time it seems this is not going to happen. Last time we spoke...
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    How to message, use Tinder and Bumble properly.

    As a seasoned Tinder athlete I can give you few tips. It doesn't really matter what you say. If the girls wanted to talk to you she will reply to hi or a 7 page memo. Make sure your pictures are on point. Clear, and very well dressed. Make sure you're having fun somewhere exciting. Women...
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    Next time you’re down on yourself about not being good with women, just remember you’re better than Skippy

    Seeing men like this is why I’m glad I found this website and started educating myself on game and women. I really would like to help this guy out. It’s probably going to be hard to undo so much bs that he has learned but It can be done. Instead of making cringe shows like this they should make...
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    Apparently, I'm strange because I am not on "social media"

    I never understood how people hooked up on FB with strangers. Specially recently when women and used social media for so much attention. Back in 2010 and 2011 I used to have girls hmu and add me that I didn’t know but we at least had mutual friends. Some of them seen me in school somehow but I...
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    Height and OLD

    Women Lie all the time. I don’t understand what is the point of all this moral ****. I’m going to say I’m 6’3 even though I’m a solid 6’1 because no one would know the difference.
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    Missed Opportunities (and How to Close Next Time!) Thread

    Good thing about situations like this is they will be engrained in your head and next time you won't make a mistake. Im still kicking myself for something i did a month ago but once I get the same opportunity again with another chick. I'll be over it
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    Girl Says She Will Do "Anything You Want"

    Man why all you try to be funny all the time? I agree with the above poster. Just take her somewhere and call her bluff. Something similar happened to me but it was after the club ended. I asked this woman what she was doing after and she replied "you" and i just called a uber and took her to my...
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    What’s the best response to this?

    Girls asked me if i think she is ugly because I didn’t validate the pic she sent. Me: I never said that. You got more pictures of you? Her: You making it seem like is ugly *sends pic in a bikini* Me: no response yet. I think is a trap.... Old me would have probably told her something very...
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    New Members...this is the true nature of women personified

    Yeah but I’m not going to be scared of women.
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    What it means when we write a full page essay on a relationship.

    But is kinda natural to put energy into something you care. That’s the worst thing in this dating game. That you let your guard down one second and now you pay for it for the next months. While she already moved on. And if i do move on the next girl shemight do the same if I’m not at least...
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    What it means when we write a full page essay on a relationship.

    Right now I'm on a drought and my life has been going down like I'm in quicksand. So I have been posting more frequently.
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    What it means when we write a full page essay on a relationship.

    I always felt thesame way. I only really start posting here when I'm back in my AFC ways. Whenever I'm doing good you'll rarely see me here.
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    Don’t try to have sex with me we are good

    They are the same girl. I been talking to her for a few months. Specially since June. I honestly think that me not making a move made her like this because I could literally tried to just finger her or taken her clothes off but I didn’t. She wasn’t wasting my time Before that and always wanted...
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    She said I have to earn her kiss?

    True. We’ll see. Ima move on but the thing abonow me is I hate leaving pvssy on the table
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    Don’t try to have sex with me we are good

    I listen to him and his advice got me to go out with this girl multiple times but i feel me not closing and not being in my masculinity and bringing up the fact fved me up.
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    Don’t try to have sex with me we are good

    Yeah i got this girl that wants a relationship. I dont like her like that so im actually mindfvicking her. Is like true don juanism at its best. Like it just comes naturally to me. The moment i sniff that i “like” a girl. My beta tendencies come crawling. That’s why i need help.
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    Don’t try to have sex with me we are good

    Come on man. I was doing good in 2017. Then this happened. Man if I wasn’t on a drought it would have been a different story lol
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    She said I have to earn her kiss?

    Idk i tried kissing her goodbye after she braided my hair and it was kinda late but then on my way out the apartment it started raining so stayed in the couch. She came to the couch with me. Then i was supposed to nap till it passes but i kinda overstayed on purpose. Needless to say is 5 am and...
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    Silence and distance....even if its your own fault?

    I was watching some youtube videos and they were saying if you apologized for anything then the girls loses attraction to you. Do you guys agree? Or is this countered when you apologize and go ghost ?