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    Live Far Away First Date

    Well I care because I believe my friend is still hooking up with her as they hung out the day after the festival. And he's a "connector" type, always inviting me to parties and to meet new people, last night I met 2 new hot girls through him. So yes, maintaining that friendship is important to...
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    Caught girlfriend cheating just now.

    Are you sure she's cheating on you? Making a separate FB profile is super sketchy but in court I believe they would call that "circumstantial evidence." Not that this is a court of law, but do you have any hard proof?
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    Text game

    I'll go ahead and take some credit for inspiring you to write this thread ;) Great post. In the example you gave, what platform were you on?
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    Live Far Away First Date

    Yeah, in retrospect I should've tried to isolate her just so my friend wouldn't see. Oh well now I know for next time.
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    Need Some Advice from the Pros

    I agree but I would really like to know if OP did that and how it went.
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    Live Far Away First Date

    Yeah then I would agree the odds are slim that it will be as magical. Part of me thinks that maybe she was only so into me because my friend who hooked up with her before (J) brought another girl he was hooking up with to the festival, and both girls knew he hooked up with both of them...
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    Live Far Away First Date

    Are you counting us hanging out at the festival as our first date?
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    Live Far Away First Date

    Thank you Glassguy, this sounds like great advice and exactly what I was looking for. I'll give it a shot and report back. I'm also DMing you another situation with a different plate for your opinion.
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    Live Far Away First Date

    Thanks for the reply. I like the meeting halfway idea, just struggling to think of what we would do to hang out. Halfway between us is a bunch of random suburb town that have restaurants, hiking, and maybe a random art walk or arcade. Any tips for fun date ideas in an unfamiliar place? Also...
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    Live Far Away First Date

    Hi Everyone, Happy 2019! I went to a music festival this NYE and met a really cute girl there through a mutual friend. We really hit it off with lots of mutual touching and strong eye contact, she definitely wants me but I didn't kiss her because my friend has hooked up with her before and out...
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    Women Have ZERO Loyalty

    OP how are you getting all these girls to approach you? Seems very impressive that girls are coming up to you and cheating on their boyfriends in front of them. Let us in on your game :)
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    Update: Life goal happened - my business is making me big money

    Congrats Gambino! Sounds like a great business, very inspirational.
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    RSD videos

    I like Owen’s videos and energy on YouTube a lot. Just watching his free videos pumps me with energy and motivation to go out and have fun socializing and meeting chicks. For me, his videos do the trick. Also in his in field videos he hooks up with hot girls all the time. The videos generally...
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    Is Meeting at My House A Turn-Off?

    Thank you this is great advice. How do you recommend I proceed with this girl?
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    Is Meeting at My House A Turn-Off?

    What would you recommend I do differently?
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    Is Meeting at My House A Turn-Off?

    That's a good idea I'll do this from now on. How do you recommend I proceed?
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    Do most of us try too hard around women?

    Well in my experience...lots of girls won't like you. Period. But that's okay, because there are PLENTY of girls that will like you, so the sooner you can give THOSE girls your attention, the better! This is an area for ongoing improvement for me too but I think I've been getting much better...
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    Is Meeting at My House A Turn-Off?

    On Wednesday, I was texting with this girl I met at a bar last weekend and she agreed to come to dinner with me next Friday. She lives about an hour from me and she agreed to drive to have dinner around my area. Here's the final snippet of my convo: me: Sounds fun. How about next Friday then...
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    How do I Hook Up with My FWB's Friend?

    Yeah I think you are right - social media may be the only way to go. We definitely have the same music taste, we connected over an artist briefly when we talked. I'm not so sure I should do this anymore. Seems like very low chance of success and pretty high chance that it will just ruin things...
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    How do I Hook Up with My FWB's Friend?

    How could she not be sure after the peanut butter cup? Don't be ridiculous