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    "real" bikini bodies

    Not a good rack in the bunch
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    Superbowl ads that sparked the biggest backlash.

    Feel free to adjust for inflation ;) Congrats on the internship; I've said it before, and I'll say it again: The geeks shall inherit the Earth.
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    Superbowl ads that sparked the biggest backlash.

    You're missing the point so I'll break it down for you a little bit. Over time, "hot" as a female characteristic declines, whereas "intelligence" as a characteristic increases over time (with a few exceptions). The nerd, will most likely have all of his skills and then some in 20 years...
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    Handling a 7yr LTR breakup

    Was in an 8.5 year relationship and got dumped by my girl for some euro fag. I was an AFC and probably deserved it; its been 4.5 years and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. 1) NO CONTACT - cannot stress this enough 2) Channel your anger/energy into something positive...
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    Superbowl ads that sparked the biggest backlash.

    The Godaddy ad was gross because its gross getting a close up of two people making out; doesn't matter if a "hot chick" is involved or not.... unless of course if it's 2 hot chicks which is totally fine. :D Another point on the Godaddy ad; let's fast forward 20 years when no one wants to...
  6. V

    i came pretty close to going to jail today

    Really? You guys lost some of my respect today. Sorry to hear this happen BB. A skinhead is just an a$$hole with a specialty, throw in some meth and you've got a violent crime just waiting to be unleashed. I've been in situations like this and they are lose-lose anyway you look at them. You...
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    40 beads method -- you've got to be kidding me!

    That's as far as I got. Any woman trying to pull this on me: insta-dump. Western women have this whole "train your man" mindset, I refuse to be domesticated.
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    What's your current living situation?

  9. V

    Your scorecard this year

    I disagree with your math. Figure a decent looking AFC starts getting laid around 19, has a couple of ONS and some LTR's and you figure by the time he's 25 he's had 6-8 lays. These guys love the notion of getting married so chances are he'll find some 6.5/7 to settle down with by 30. He'll...
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    Your scorecard this year

    I've heard the saying "10% of the guys do 90% of the fvcking" while I doubt the numbers are accurate I've always figured it mostly boils down to the haves and have-nots when it comes to getting laid.
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    Your scorecard this year

    A great year for me, I bagged 9 or 10 girls, made more money then I ever had, advanced my career, made a number of improvements around the house and really learned alot about myself. I look forward to building on all this in 2013.
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    Its hard caring for a baby waaaaaaa!

    More proof that "Mother" is a title that is earned; this b!tch forgot her pill, got pregnant and now can't hack it.
  13. V

    This man (father) is awesome. He taught a lesson to his slvt daugher.

    Reason #447,192,862 why I'm not having kids in the 21st century.
  14. V

    All of them, all of the time.

    This is the first crack, once it happens things change a little bit. This is where The War begins. On one side Wilko, you're out running game and spinning plates; she on the other hand wants to be exclusive or have a "more serious" relationship. Tight game and good sex will equalize the...
  15. V

    Christmas Presents?

    The girl I'm exclusive with now is pretty cool, LTR material, I'm not sure what to get her for Christmas. I think "dominating the frame" extends even to gift giving, so I want to give her something she'll like but I don't want to go too sentimental since we've only been seeing each other for 5...
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    e-harmony sitrep (not a typo!)

    I always got the impression eHarmony was for people who were on the fast track to marriage. Hence all the "family values" stuff. I've also found the stakes are a lot higher on sites where you have to pay. PoF/OKC have zero barrier to entry so you get tons of attention wh0res throwing up profiles...
  17. V

    Obama is gaming in Asia

    Damn, I would hit that. Edit: And don't think for a second Obama don't got DJ game. I didn't vote for the guy but he knows how to charm.
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    Reason #219,147 why I won't be getting married

    I have no interest in "correcting" a woman, I have enough sh!t in my life to manage. If she gets out of line, I just cut her loose, that was the original point I was trying to make in posting the video. @AlphaWhiskey if you like the song check out Explosions in the Sky, a good band and much...
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    Reason #219,147 why I won't be getting married

    You go out and buy something you want, and your wife loses her sh!t. http://vimeo.com/52837388
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    Vatoloco's Observation Log

    To add my own story to this invaluable truth: When I was buying my house a few years ago, I was negotiating with the sellers (via the real estate agent) the terms of the deal; basically what they would fix on the house, who would pay closing costs, etc... Their agent let slip that the sellers...