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    How are some guys so successful with dating apps?

    I put 6’2. Girls don’t believe any guy on a dating app is 5’11.
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    How are some guys so successful with dating apps?

    Im pretty successful on dating apps. I’m a 5’11 29 year old black male in NYC. Exclusively dated Asian/White women age 18-24 and met over 200+ women from OLD in the past 3 years What helped me out was the following: 1. Professional pics, I learned, took, and edited them myself at home from...
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    Banned from Hinge: Workarounds, other options?

    Use Google Voice. New number for 10 dollars.
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    What Approaching 100 Women Taught Me

    Was this mostly day game or night game?
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    How long to wait to txt after first date ?

    If the girl had a great time like you said, she should be texting you first after the first date.
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    Why are men shamed for using escorts/hookers? Isnt that the ultimate dread if a guy has used them?

    I still can’t for the life of me understand how guys still believe in “text game” and go on dates in the year 2021, especially women from Tinder. I find nothing more emasculating than going on a date with woman whether it be in a park, coffee shop, or bar knowing that I just want to have sex...
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    Why are men shamed for using escorts/hookers? Isnt that the ultimate dread if a guy has used them?

    I don't condone paying for sex because sex is natural and you are just making another man rich (the pimp)...but if I had to choose between: 1. Going a date, being the jester/entertainer, pick up the tab, and give her the power to decide whether or not we have sex or 2. Pay for the sex...
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    Is my text game that bad...?

    Well the problem is nobody dates anymore, everybody flakes. The pretty boys or "high value" guys flake on the majority of women and women as a whole flake on the majority of guys. When I was on the circus show called dating apps (Hinge, Bumble, Tinder) I always stacked 3 dates minimum at the...
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    OLD feels like a waste

    You met your ex-wife 21 years ago during a time where social media and OLD were not prevalent. You then started using them again when you were 46. Correct me if I'm wrong but the age range of women that you would typically match with would be mid to late 30s or early 40s. I don't speak for...
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    Where are the limits for you at improving oneself?

    There's a difference between improving yourself for female validation and improving yourself for your own benefit. Undergoing risky surgery to get a bigger penis and increase your height is just for pleasing women and in the end, they still won't be satisfied.
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    OLD feels like a waste

    This is the problem that I have with OLD. Look at how much work is needed for a guy to get a match that will most likely just ghost/flake/unmatch him no matter what his text game is. Learning about "text game" is waste of a man's time. Texting is a soulless experience. You can't stir a girl's...
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    OLD feels like a waste

    OLD is a women's arena and men are trying to win by using "text game" which is the hardest form of getting a women's interest. You have to look at this in the eyes of a woman. You are just another profile, a picture, a text message that is easily replaceable (which is the truth). Majority of...
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    Are Dating Apps not just a waste of time?

    Im 27 living in NYC and started using Online dating last year. I slept with 20+ women from them. I had to filter out thousands of matches, go through tons of flakes and ghosting though. I deleted my apps from burnout, haven’t been on OLD for months and I do not plan on going back The main...
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    Affects of adrenaline on sexual arousal

    This is honestly the funniest video I ever seen
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    Had To Cut This Date Short

    I don't have experiences like this because I don't take women on dates anymore, especially on Tinder. If all I'm looking for is to have sex with a woman, I'm just going to tell her straight up that I'm only looking for hookups/FWBs and invite them straight over (In NYC, nearly everything is...
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    What could make a girl change her mind about you suddenly

    Here’s the problem, women are far more masculine these days due to the social media era. I mean, women are the ones pumping and dumping guys now. The reason why I say do not let any women who rejected you back into your life without any toll/punishment is because he programming himself and the...
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    Do we really think ignoring a flake works? We need a new strategy!

    When a girl flakes on me regardless of a re-schedule, I just ghost. I don’t ghost because I want to manipulate her into reaching back out to me...I do it because I simply lost interest. I cleared out my schedule to just entertain some girl for a few hours until I get the “Golden P”, she...
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    What could make a girl change her mind about you suddenly

    OP, please do not go on date with her. Rejecting you and then crawling her way back to you like nothing happen is just disrespectful. Either ghost or have her as a booty call. No dates at all!
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    Last night

    You’re better than me, man. I leave women on read who flake on me. Hell, I don’t even take women out on dates until after I slept with them.
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    If she likes you she won't do this

    Well I think that all depends on the guy. Those rules women have go out the window for a guy she truly likes or for a famous guy. That same girl that you are taking on a date, texting, saying that "she isn't like that" isn't giving a **** test to Justin Beiber or Drake. I remember there was...