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    Need to lose weight before I start muscle building

    Time to reframe and reconsider what a "normal" day is for you. Work that cardio into your daily routine and keep it there. Make a weekly running/biking mileage goal - start it realistic, and escalate up.
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    She forgot our date?

    Not worth your time.
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    Hit Plateau - Advice Requested

    When I was lifting heavily, I found the best remedy for persistent plateaus was a total workout shock for up to a week. What I mean by this is changing your entire workout style for a very limited period of time. For example, I was doing serious heavy-weight, low-rep work and hit a plateau, so...
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    Expo’s Running Log - 16:59 5K or bust.

    Impressive times as it stands, good sir. You don't have much to worry about if you are hitting those sort of times from an extended off period! Stop beating yourself up so much over this...you are recording times that are far, far better than your average serious runner. Any improvement you...
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    Looking to burn fat!--

    It sounds like you've got the right idea, HIIT will burn the hell out of fat, and will help ramp up your top speed. You need to be more patient, however: I've found that there is usually a 3-4 week "lag period" for me before the gains from workouts really show and stick. I went through a...
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    How to be more decisive?

    It sounds like you at least understand what the issue is here, and you're able to describe it clearly, which means that you know what needs to be done to fix it: just do it. What I mean is tuning out your first instinct, that wishy-washiness, and taking a split second to consider what you...
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    Not sure what's going on with her

    You know it, it's obvious from the way you've written this. She's just not that interested in you. Not a big deal, it's unreasonable to expect everything to work all the time. Cut your losses and give yourself some attention, then get back out there.
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    One girl catches me on date with another girl

    Tell the truth, bail what must. Be smart.
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    A girl I am seeing finds out about my other plates

    Quality girls don't wait around for anyone touching multiples because they've got options.
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    WTF?! Screw her! Number delete!

    The man speaks the truth.
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    WTF?! Screw her! Number delete!

    What you're saying here is another one of the broad catch-alls that gets batted around these boards far too often. I think a lot of people around here just hurry in a race to slam down the most relevant motto without actually considering the context. Believe it or not (now, I'm not saying this...
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    Getting unwanted attention from girls who are crazy for your nuts

    Earlier on in the interaction (i.e. pre-sex), you need to talk about how important your career/school/your hobbies/your garden/your pet fish is to you. You need to throw a solid anchor in to something in your life and demonstrate genuine passion in it. It's a built-in bail. When she asks...
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    Asking for email/msn or number?

    It really depends on your style. It seems like the main style preached around here is "CLOSE CLOSE CLOSE ASAP AND THEN NAIL HER". If you're doing that, you want the number. I've gotten pretty picky lately and I like the email first. It adds a nice wrinkle and not a lot of girls get asked for...
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    Always chicken out of the Good night Kiss

    Hey, don't worry about it. I STILL get hung up on this once in a while, and I've been at this for a decent time. My problem used to be that I was looking for 100% certain signs of interest before making a move. The snag with this is that, women being women, they won't always give you...
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    WTF?! Screw her! Number delete!

    I've genuinely told this to many women. I'm getting my PhD right now. School comes first, my hobbies (i.e. women) come second.
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    First Date; One Question:

    The first part is alright. Nothing wrong with opening with a compliment to loosen her up and plow through any awkward first moments. The second part is trash. You don't need that and you run the risk of setting the wrong tone and torpedoing the whole date. Just be a gentleman, tell her...
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    Yikes. Paying for this is bad news. Why pay for a crutch when you can fix your game for free?
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    Confidence in Women

    I like a confident girl that is genuinely confident - not this Beyonce "I'M SASHA FIERCE" crap. A girl that is truly confident is hard to find but you can tell right away. There's a different between real and faked confidence. A confident girl conveys that she's got all her issues in line and...
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    One month anniversary

    No dice, champ. This is your AFC poking through.
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    A question for the experienced/masters. Involving Ego.

    Axe your girlfriend and just nail this chick and get it over with. It's not fair to yourself and your girlfriend - you're not really into your girl if you're stringing this broad along, and you are wasting your own time in the relationship.