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    Hot to Cold. Why?

    Thanks. Yeah could be anything. Should I try again or move on?
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    Hot to Cold. Why?

    You misunderstood me. She was talking about how her friend who is a girl was trying to get her to have a threesome with her and HER (the friends) boyfriend, her friend was asking to try and turn this guy on. My date said she didnt want to do it. I was telling her that she should. We also talked...
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    Hot to Cold. Why?

    Had this girls details for awhile and pinged 2/3 times to meet up, she agreed every time but I always flaked on her. Id also unfollowed her on social media as I clean it out. Pinged her again to meet up that day, which she said she would know in an hour if she could as meeting her friend, she...
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    How to do date at mine or hers?

    Had a 2nd date yesterday. Taking her back in the uber to her place and managed for heavy making out, hand on d, hand on her tits. She was saying "if you were thinking of coming back, I have ppl here, but you can come round next time" I said no, no in a funny way and joking at the end about not...
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    How do you be higher value that the girl?

    Is it not all social proof? Being high status? Can you give examples of how to be a high value man / show value without these things?
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    How do you be higher value that the girl?

    For a specific example, she has a better social circle than me, more powerful/famous friends, more followers on instagram, is she not going to perceive me as lower value than her? How do I show her I am higher value and worth chasing.
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    Girl from 5 months ago is back

    5 months ago a girl I had been involved with for 7 months friendzoned me. I told her that we cannot be friends and we should'nt speak or see each other again. We removed each other from social media and deleted numbers. That was the end of it until last night she liked 3 of my photos on...
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    made girl too jealous

    I posted a pic on instagram of me having a drink with another girl who is smiling at the camera. obvious we are on a date. Another girl who I was dating for one month who is not in the country at the moment responds to this with a crying face. I responded "?" she didnt reply. So I said "when...
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    The Women of bigneil (officially rated)

    Haha what are you using to rate them? Always interesting to see what girls people are getting. But can see how people would think we might just be trying boosting our own ego's
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    The Women of bigneil (officially rated)

    Wont let me upload the photo here properly for some reason (if anyone could help thatd be great). Last two conquests: http://imgur.com/a/1yER5 First girl is ukranian, second is russian. I have a thing for ukranian / russian girls
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    How to play long game?

    You have a chick who you cannot bang due to logistical reasons, so you decide to go the long game route. What is the best way to go about this? Do you ping every now and then to keep you fresh in their minds, or do you let them come to you.
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    How to react to a head turn during a kiss?

    Disagree. he showed his intent. This is good. She repleid after he texted, he shouldnt have texted first, but if she wasnt interested she wouldnt of replied. She knows you dont want to be friends. Ask her out again, you have nothing to lose, try and kiss her again, she wants to kiss you, shes...
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    The Psychology Of Persuasion Applied To Game

    Reading the Psychology of persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini and he cites an interesting study. Research was conducted in 1978 by Ellen Langer (Professor of Psychology at Harvard) published a research study about the power of the word "because". A student cut the queue of a busy printer and used...
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    Are they slvts or did we game them

    Im starting to think that you need to have some level of game, you could have a girl who was totally down ready to go home with you an hour after you met, but lost her because of some aspect of game, you werent persistent, you didnt isolate, you didnt pull the trigger. I cam across these two...
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    Are they slvts or did we game them

    You meet her. You bang her within 2 weeks. Was she just a yes girl slvt all along or did we game them. Always wondered if a girl I banged easily is just that way with any guy or if I gamed her so well she wouldn't normally but she banged.
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    First four day game approaches

    Got my first bang out of day game 2 weeks ago, 18 year old Ukrainian chick with a thin frame and great face (full thread : http://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/try-again-or-next.240067/page-2#post-2425530). I took her on my first insta date, I think I insta dated her too much as I took her for...
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    Performance anxiety and maintaining frame afterwards

    Happened to me last week. Always seems to happen for the first time with a new girl. Kicking myself now because this girl was hot and now she wants nothing to do with me, if I ****ed her right she couldve been around still. Ive stopped watching porn and fapping, I was an addict but never seemed...
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    Nightmare Logistics - What Could I have Done Differently?

    I think it was an excuse, if she wants to bang you she will bang you, car, field, hotel.
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    Try again or next?

    Yeah first bang through daygame. And best sex I've ever had. Which is why I'm trying to keep the door open for future possibilities. Will 100% still be doing daygame.
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    Try again or next?

    So I text her 4 days after the bang. I wanted to see how this would play out. Wanted to get some naked pictures of her, she would dodge my "testing the waters" text. I want to try and get a meet-up in her hometown Kiev.Text convo below: Her: Ukranians are better than british people Me...