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  1. RSDCharlie

    'It can leave your self-image fractured': how hair loss hits men

    Date a girl with a dog? Try it, she would have no issues in treating you like one too :D !!
  2. RSDCharlie

    'It can leave your self-image fractured': how hair loss hits men

    Cool. No need to use it everyday though. Use it at nights and bath when you wake up in the morning. As long as its pure its fine.
  3. RSDCharlie

    'It can leave your self-image fractured': how hair loss hits men

    Start oiling your hair alot. And not with the oils full of chemicals. Pure cold pressed ones like mustard or olive oil. Trust me helps alot.
  4. RSDCharlie

    Pranshu's FIELD REPORTS

    Always good to see another fellow indian in the pua community, keep it up.
  5. RSDCharlie

    Incels deserve being sexless. The only person you have to blame is yourself. Unless you ruthlessly self improve for 10 years you can’t complain.

    Its like saying "Women deserve to be raped" or "Every criminal deserves death sentence". We dont know what anyone's life situation has been. We are no one to decide who deserves what.
  6. RSDCharlie

    Improving conversations??

    Guys any tips on how to excel in neutral conversations? I'm awesome during the comfort and seduction stage, where I can talk sexually to anyone. But this has caused me more harm than good, because I tend to escalate too fast. My sense of humor turns out to be sexual too, kinda like barney from...
  7. RSDCharlie

    World cup 2022

    Brazil all the way. But france is playing freakishly well
  8. RSDCharlie

    I really need some help/input with a personal issue right now

    So you're addicted to poker. And the main issue with poker players is, they dont know when to move out when they have the profit. They keep playing because of addiction and greed, and end up losing in the end. The only way to give up on an addiction is, replace it with another. I would...
  9. RSDCharlie

    Inner Game vs Routines?

    That's more like it. Good to hear a different viewpoint. What type of routines do you recommend mostly? Something that captivates her attention?
  10. RSDCharlie

    Inner Game vs Routines?

    Guys what's your take on having inner game vs using canned routines? I feel routines can be very helpful at times, especially if you run out of things to say. However, for routines to work, you have to make them a natural part of talking to girls. Practice, and practice till you could say them...
  11. RSDCharlie

    Jon Sinn was the best pickup artist !!!

    Routines are never a problem. But its all about internalising those routines. And his program do not include any routines at all, he rather recommends creating your own as per your lifestyle.
  12. RSDCharlie

    Jon Sinn was the best pickup artist !!!

    He learnt from mystery, yes. But his teachings do not include any routines. Which product are you talking about?
  13. RSDCharlie

    SoSuave NoFap November 2022 challenge (Sex is okay!)

    Ive been on no fap for more than an year now. Except sex and night emissions,i didnt ejaculate. Trust me its not something that gives you godly powers. Youll feel better sure, but thats it.
  14. RSDCharlie

    Jon Sinn was the best pickup artist !!!

    And there is nothing that can change my mind!! His advice was so practical and to the point, and devoid of all the crap rsd or mystery taught which you dont even need to know, its a shame how underrated he is. Anyone who have listened to him, whats your take guys? Or do you think someone else...
  15. RSDCharlie

    Why are **** tests rewarded?

    They dont have to literally say sorry. The tone of her voice says tons about her. And you never had a case to begin with :)
  16. RSDCharlie

    Why are **** tests rewarded?

    I dont know about your job so i cant comment on that. But apologizing to your dad for saying that he rather die, that's not the definition of kissing up at all.
  17. RSDCharlie

    Why are **** tests rewarded?

    So saying sorry or thank you to someone means kissing up to them? Dude you really need to meet some good people.
  18. RSDCharlie

    Why are **** tests rewarded?

    Ive had rejections before. But theres a difference between "sorry im not interested" and "Get lost moron". I know the differences between the two, and i know how to react.
  19. RSDCharlie

    Why are **** tests rewarded?

    Ok so you don't know me. I was bullied all the way in high school, by guys and girls alike. Guys usually did it to impress girls, and i was the victim. At that time i didn't retaliate at all. Had the same mindset "they cant affect me". And you know that? They didnt stop, and it affected me...