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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    you feel like a fool because you are a fool. You should drop her immediately and delete everything about her from your life. Then start making better choices.
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    Indonesia passes legislation banning sex outside marriage

    many men in the “manosphere” complain about the current smp and how women gain a lot more power when their sexuality isn’t restricted. Beta males who fought for sex outside of marriage thought they’d get a lot of fun but soon realized that women didn’t care about them once they could bang...
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    Indonesia passes legislation banning sex outside marriage

    centuries of fighting bla bla. Come on it’s the result of giving up and losing power. look what happens in the west. They force lgbtq onto people who don’t even want it. You have to be more modern in order to be accepted. you even made it your identity while your great great grandfathers would...
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    Indonesia passes legislation banning sex outside marriage

    thanks for proving my post. Of course sexuality has to be controlled just like everything else. If not there’s gonna be chaos and injustice just like it’s in almost all democracies nowadays. You can say anything you want about Islam. I was just saying that people shouldn’t reject all Islamic...
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    Indonesia passes legislation banning sex outside marriage

    I think some people are just getting too triggered because it’s a Muslim country and they don’t like Muslims. I would say Islam is way closer to what Christianity once was than todays Christianity. Of course it’s great to have laws that punish people for cheating or doing anything which is...
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    What would you do if you won $100,000?

    Penis surgery
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    You still pay Child Support even with overseas kid

    nobody mentioned here that you’re also forced to pay child support if you aren’t allowed to see your child or even if you can see your own child that it’s like 4 days a month. most men cannot decide how often they want to see their kid and some stranger that lives with your ex sees your child...
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    Would you disown your children if they'd hate you due to brainwashing from your ex?

    My children are 8 ( girl ) and 4 (boy) years old. Ex brainwashed them, especially my daughter into believing that i'm a abusive man + i'm not allowed to see them because my daughter even said that she hates me in front of family court so things look bad for me. When i was seeing the kids...
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    Height increase shoes

    wear these bro
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    If GeoMaxxing in the Philippines, be prepared to die financially by a 1000 cuts

    I don’t see anything wrong in geomaxing but if you go to other countries and still act like a fool it’s your own fault. Geomaxing for me is going to Thailand and banging chicks where there is genuine desire only and I know what that is from western girls.
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    Submissive Single Mother

    I see myself meeting her long term cause i like her not only for sex but not more than that. I made my boundaries clear and she accepted them. If i'd have to compromise my self worth in order to be with her i'd definitely drop her. Yes you have a point but i know a lot of single moms who still...
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    Submissive Single Mother

    So Im dating this 20yo single mother . Found her on a dating app. We texted a bit and had our first date after and we’re meeting until now. She’s really into me and does anything to make me happy. I met many women before and none of them treated me like she does. She accepts her role as a woman...
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    Brazilian woman.

    How much did you pay for this experience ?
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    Lie Detector said she’s lying!

    Ok then where do we draw the line at insecurity? Am I also insecure If my wife gets gangbanged by 8 black dudes? Am I more secure if I’m able to watch and laugh it off?
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    Lie Detector said she’s lying!

    yes you’re totally right I shouldn’t take these things so serious and make constantly drama but I’m somehow bored or in a bad mood and then these stupid insecure thoughts come up. It’s a cycle.
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    Lie Detector said she’s lying!

    something strange happened to me this Sunday. im seeing this girl for 4 month now and she’s pushing for a relationship. She says she loves me etc. We visited a museum last Sunday and there was a lie detector. You could pick questions for kids, for adults or couples. We picked the one for...
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    Lost custody by court order

    It means i still have to pay for them but i have basically no say in anything. I'm not even allowed to take my boy to the barber. Just nothing. I'm only allowed to see my kids every other weekend that's it.
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    Lost custody by court order

    Yes i had almost no contact with my ex after an incident where she refused to hand me out my children the 999th time. She was mentally hurting me by using my kids and i was constantly dependent on her so i decided to stop talking to her and get a lawyer to get a visitation agreement for my...
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    Lost custody by court order

    I lost custody of my 2 children ( 8 and 4 yo) even though I don’t do drugs/violence or anything like that. I used the word custody because I couldn’t find a better English word for it. Here in Germany I’m still allowed to see my children every other weekend but they took all my parental rights...