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  1. TheKid

    Girl I'm Seeing Got Aggressive With Me

    Do not go with this chick. She will shvt test you so hard on the trip it will drive you crazy. End things now and consider going with a mate and making the most of it.
  2. TheKid

    Women Don't Respect Guys They Haven't Slept with Who Give Up

    Unless top 10 percent i dont believe some deadbeat has over 100 women. Women are such a headache thats cartons of panadol.
  3. TheKid

    What is Your Stance on Getting into Committed Relationships with Single Moms?

    Single moms are losers. If you hang around losers you are a loser. If you have kids yourself its diffrent as i think ppl with kids should ONLY date ppl with kids.
  4. TheKid

    So texting a woman once a week to keep her spinning doesn’t work

    Fwb can be just as hard if not harder in some cases to maintain then a ltr.
  5. TheKid

    Plate cancelled plans last minute but asks to postpone them for following day

    Benefit of the doubt is earned not given. Idiots give this out for free.
  6. TheKid

    The greatest asset you have to attract women is your physique

    Agree if you vibe matches either someone like their dad, older brother or some guy that alpha widowed them you're most likey in.
  7. TheKid

    Normalizing disrespect/ yelling

    Only neurodivergent women yell and scream at you.
  8. TheKid

    Should you tell women you go out with stories of crazy sexual experiences?

    Anything and everything you say to a women will be used against you (at some point) This is why its best to let them blab their ass off and you should be taking srs notes because with the right info you can control them. Otherwise they will control you.
  9. TheKid

    CMV: Tattoos are the most glaring red flag of a toxic female

    They literally print their problems on them. Whats to stop them doing it to your mind.
  10. TheKid

    They think you’re invincible

    Yeah but do you really want to live your life like that?
  11. TheKid

    Survey of how important looks are to women

    looks will get you a second or third glance but its the vibe (feeling) you give them. Its not about money (untill it is haha) But its how well you make them feel understood and how well you connect/gel. Each girl has a different level of energy eg. High,low fast,slow heavy,light dark,bright...
  12. TheKid

    Why some women only care and recognize mistakes when we walk away?

    Its a front. You think when your rushing around heart thumping your thinking rationally? No. They just go into damage control and because *girl* they know what to do/say to get their way again even though it feels like your getting your way for once in the relationship without it benefitting her...
  13. TheKid

    Are dogs taking the place of men ?

    Pets are a red flag, the longer you stay around them the more you see how **** they treat said pet/ dont know what they are doing or are just plain lazy and think the animal should be grateful to be around them. Getting a pet to not feel lonely is stopping them from working through their...
  14. TheKid

    Is it ok for a girlfriend to have male friends?

    The more male friends she has the more she will challenge you because if you remove attention/whatever, she has someone who has that covered. I thinks thats the whole purpose. They basically always have the power and they want you to feel it here and there.
  15. TheKid

    Women slobbering over a wanted man

    Women say that sh!t online but do they really approach with that confidence?
  16. TheKid

    Ive noticed women giving more positive comments on OF content

    They only publicly say that cr@p In their mind they are laying down a mental beating on them
  17. TheKid

    Advice for the 'She's gone cold' issue

    So why would you want to be with someone who goes cold without communicating anyway? Soft next her do your best to start moving on (get a head start) and if she feels like compensating you for the difference than you might consider it but untill than let sleeping dogs lie.
  18. TheKid

    Relationship/LTR tips from posters in relationships please

    - If she doesnt have a job shes just gonna chat to dudes all day and start drama with you for fun. - make her pay for as much as you can and try to make it the normal (this ones hard but rewarding) - make sure she has a high cex drive and is a natural pleaser - if you dont have access to her...
  19. TheKid

    When a woman tells you she is "too busy"

    Plus if they hurt your feelings they actaully have to feel guilt and or shame about hurting your feelings. So in a sense they actaully mean their own.
  20. TheKid

    Been dating an insecure woman......

    Props man most of those slappas get away with too much. The double standards can drive yoy insane. They would rather crawl on broken glass for a mile instead of verbalize an apology.