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  1. shimran

    Terms / Abbreviations

    You have done an amazing job. It is a useful list of terms.
  2. shimran

    Cow Fvcker!

  3. shimran

    Email scams

    This practice is common in all parts of the world and my inbox is also full of scam link emails. I always open links in emails from a trusted sender.
  4. shimran

    Man claims that he wanted his girlfriend to become fat

    I am 100% agreed with you.
  5. shimran

    Is sports gambling legal where you're at and do you partake

    In Pakistan, it is illegal and banned to bet and gamble.
  6. shimran

    Dear Freelancers/Remote workers...HELP!

    what are your skills for doing free lancing?
  7. shimran


  8. shimran

    Katie Price has hit The Wall

    2008 looks good
  9. shimran

    Faveorite Beer?

    Guinness Beer