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  1. bcude

    The truth about Ukraine is finally starting to come out

    Kinda hard when you've the enemy at your doorstep provoking you for years and years on end, despite your warnings of moving the f away. Let's flip the situation and ask how the US would react to China setting troops on the border of Mexico and doing military collabs with India in the Gulf of...
  2. bcude

    Discussion: You catch your GF/Wife texting another man at midnight

    What if she has a gay male friend ?
  3. bcude

    Man Asks Ex-Girlfriend to Pay $9,000 in Dating Expenses After Breakup

    That's quite alot. My ex told me about the guy she was dating before me. When they broke he demanded his gift (a pillow) back. She became furious, sent it and blocked him. I find that kind of behavior rather pathetic from men but then again, you only hear one side of the story. She probably left...
  4. bcude

    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    I'm going to make this really simple. 100% of childless men (and women) want to feel prioritized when they look for something longer term 0% of single mothers can offer that, per definition, because of her child 100% of single mothers are bad partners for single childless men So they are...
  5. bcude

    The Tinder Swindler reveals the painful truth about women and online dating

    I found the Netflix documentary very entertaining. This guy obviously had studied some game since he pressed the right buttons within the right demographic and he did it well. With so many women involved it was never going to last though. Unfortunately i believe this is very accurate. ps. the...
  6. bcude

    Have you ever woken up....

    Ccocaine is a helluva drug
  7. bcude

    Girls in the service industry

    Exactly, i guess girls are good at dropping hints if they really find you attractive though. I try to focus on little details. Like, if she's trying to get you to come back. If she starts to become personal in any way. If she seem to gravitate towards you and "ignore" other costumers etc. If...
  8. bcude

    Girls in the service industry

    Hitting on girls in the service industry. Yay or nay? Today i was helping my dad shop for new shoes at the NIKE store and ended up buying a pair for myself aswell (clean shoes guys, it's important). First this woman was helping out and while i was deciding and trying out new shoes, seemingly...
  9. bcude

    Kevin Samuels has passed away

    As a white man from outside of the US i think this man was brilliant, badly needed and it's a shame that he's gone. The drugs/cocaine part is just purely speculation, just like he was supposedly gay? His red bull consumtion certainly can't have been healthy but i personally think it was in...
  10. bcude

    Push pulled by a girl

    I've alot of experience from first dates but this one ****ed with my head abit and i guess just proves that push-pull is effective and not only on women. I know as much as to look at action over words and that highly interested women won't confuse you, but i'm quite analytical and like to...
  11. bcude

    Question about plate

    Sounds like she's married/living with a boyfriend and If not, well... then she's a complete trainwreck you should be thankful of that she doesn't want to stay more than necessary. I would also suggest dropping the "perhaps, may" from your vocabulary and lead through your actions. If you smash...
  12. bcude

    West ham striker dating recent single mom celeb Dani Dyer

    Wow jeez. She's divorced and has 4 kids with a hedge fund manager with a networth exceeding £80m, sounds like she's set for life at least.
  13. bcude

    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    Something that most suffering men also seem to miss is the fact that women break up long before the actual "talk". By the point he finally hears about it and starts his grieving, she's already made her mind up in the months earlier and processed the break up while being together with him. The...
  14. bcude

    How to get phone number of a 10/10 lady who's always too busy to chat

    When in doubt - send a d1ckpic. Women have a dualistic sexual strategy, so she needs to categorize you as either a lover or a provider and this is how you lead her out of the friendzone. Leadership is a very sexy trait in men.
  15. bcude

    Crypto trading

    Ding ding ding! Most of the people in crypto haven't even experienced one real bear cycle yet and still they believe it's just going to go up forever which make them sound like single mom's promoting ponzi schemes, LOL. The lack of correction and persistent nature of this bull market is setting...
  16. bcude

    Norway's approach for covid

    Norway has a vaccination rate of 68% as of now. When you reach a large enough vaccination rate within a group this becomes the logical step. There's really no benefit to restricting people's lives anymore when the virus has become endemic and is here to stay with us, just like the 'normal flu'...
  17. bcude

    Meanwhile in Florida...

    "To be unvaccinated is like driving drunk. You've probably done it a couple of times and got away with it but you won't do it because the law doesn't allow it and it's very unresponsible towards other human beings." - Jürgen Klopp
  18. bcude

    ‘James Bond’ Producer Says Not to Expect a Female 007

    - "Name's Bond, Shanice Bond. With the right to demand alimony from deadbeat dads." How do you want him? - "Neither shaken, nor stirred. I prefer boiled in hot water." A BLACK female bond would be even better. And switch miss moneypenny with a transgender person. Gotta stay ahead of the curve!
  19. bcude

    Vaccines got full FDA approval

    The latter. I don't see why i should spend 43 minutes of my precious time on a clickbait video that concludes (according to it's title) that the odds increase that the virus was man made, which is not even in the same universe as something proven, and then include links to a russian writer...
  20. bcude

    Vaccines got full FDA approval

    It's kind of been ruled out at this point that the virus came from a lab. When you look at the structure of the virus it makes it highly unlikely that it was human made despite Trump's best efforts to influence the american people in that way, but conspiracy theories are much more exciting to...