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  1. Modern Man Advice

    Divine Masculinity

    Some things should not be defined or chased. Divine masculinity is one of them. But I do like that definition of "alpha", "beta men with big egos". Pretty spot on. Remember, if you have to let other people know or feel the need to validate who you are, you are effectively far from what you...
  2. Modern Man Advice

    6 months dating her, no sex and she broke up with me

    Why do you want to be with somebody that does not want to be with you? Respect yourself a little.
  3. Modern Man Advice

    (Men 30/35 +) whats stops you from cold approaching? An honest conversation

    It's a good list. What it comes down to is that they are all excuses, especially age. I said in another thread but I've gotten more women between 30-35 than I did between 18-29. Maturity for a man is such a plus. And it only comes with age->experience. What matters is that you know those are...
  4. Modern Man Advice

    She doesn’t know what she wants

    Simple translation: "I don't know what I want" -> "I don't know what I want with you" Move on if taking the next step is something you want with her. Keep enjoying casually dating her if you don't care and stop putting pressure on labeling things or taking it to the next level. If you ask me...
  5. Modern Man Advice

    Former Chad - what next?

    I think the choice is yours and yours alone to make. At this point in life, what is most important to you? Focus on that. I'm gonna guess it's your children and family. But if we are being honest, you are still young. And for as much as you have experienced in life, there are tons you haven't...
  6. Modern Man Advice

    New forum section: the blackpill?

    I am surprised none of the moderators have shared their opinions. I am all for free speech, but I think that the OP makes a solid argument. I do think that there should be a black pill/rant section so they can whine and hate all they want. "Hate, hate, hate!" - Silky Johnson
  7. Modern Man Advice

    Youtube short that sums up todays' dating market

    The same can be said the other way around. Back then we had real masculine men. Men that used their hands for work, came home sweaty, and bloody. Men earned respect and their place in the household. Nowadays most (not all men) don't even have to get out of their house to work. And worse when...
  8. Modern Man Advice

    New to Red Pill

    Welcome brother. The biggest thing is to use your innate masculine logic and reason when reading through some of these threads. It is the internet and opinions like as**les, everybody's got one. Continue your growth, at the end of the day your kids will be gone, your wife will not love you...
  9. Modern Man Advice

    The Alpha in the wild

    Oh, look another Alpha thread... The quickest way to NOT be alpha (whatever that means): Follow a how-to guide to be "alpha" - This is quite ironic for an "Alpha", hopefully, I don't need to explain myself. Make sure people know you are alpha Talk about the concept of Alpha Get real guys...
  10. Modern Man Advice

    Would you date a girl who checks all the boxes except her body?

    This will sound like a desperate-man-with-no-other-options suggestion but I would think in dating you have to comprise to some level. It would be great to date someone who checks all of the boxes but the reality is there will always be something. And if I am going to compromise, it will be at a...
  11. Modern Man Advice

    Woman makes men write a 500 word essay to date her...

    But then again, the problem isn't her requiring that. The problem is most men will submit her request. To your point, she does this because she can and feels entitled to do so not because she actually believes it works.
  12. Modern Man Advice

    Sosuave Poll Scenario: Which girl would you choose to date

    Option A is a big no-no. Option B would be not a terrible choice if the percentage was higher, like a lot higher. 90-100%. Option C is your best bet here but her prime is gone depending on your personal preferences. Obvi, your scenarios are superficial and concise in detail so you know that a...
  13. Modern Man Advice

    6 month relationship break up after me not going after her

    Too long to read, next time keep your posts short. Many members, including me, will not read entire novels. I don't have that kind of time. Anyway, from the little I read you both invested too much time early into the relationship. It moved too fast and burned all the exciting phases of a...
  14. Modern Man Advice

    The Rational Male Author Exposed

    A couple of observations over my very few years being involved with the manosphere: It is the internet: People do not understand what it entails nor how to leverage it. Men are obsessed with HVM and "Alpha": Many men do not understand what any of those terms mean, mainly because what I...
  15. Modern Man Advice

    Country-level gender inequality is associated with structural differences in the brains of women and men

    Equality is unnatural and unattainable in the natural world. Nothing is equal. A sense of balance, perhaps, but equality is yet another social illusion. What most people get wrong about gender inequality is what it actually means. They seek something they do not fully and genuinely understand...
  16. Modern Man Advice

    Houston we have a huge problem…The Manosphere does not have an ounce of Social Cohesion

    This is true for the manosphere as it is true for society in general when it comes to social constructs. People get caught up in ideologies (religion, politics, social trends, etc) and simply forget to be decent human beings. So simple, yet it alludes us.
  17. Modern Man Advice

    Sorry Vegans...the truth hurts.

    Opinions are like as***les, everybody has one.
  18. Modern Man Advice

    Anyone notice how people say “partner” now?

    It's part of the whole pronoun and non-binary crap being pushed into people's throats and young generations' minds. Partner is equal to them/they so people don't assume whether it's a heterosexual or homosexual relationship. Again, it's one of these million little idiot woke trends.
  19. Modern Man Advice

    Walked out on my date, did I over react or stood up for myself…

    You are absolutely right about controlling our emotions. I would consider toxic masculinity any advice to men not to feel, so yes men will feel hurt, disrespected, etc. The question then is how much of these emotions should men show? And is showing emotions a sign of weakness, vulnerability, or...
  20. Modern Man Advice

    Walked out on my date, did I over react or stood up for myself…

    I mean, 3 dates and no sexual escalation? You are pushing for that friend zone. Leave kisses on the chick for your aunt. If you want to do something (like kiss her), do it. Do not hesitate. Saying to her "I want to kiss but I won't" translates in her brain as "I want to kiss you but I am...