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    Andrew Tate

    I think the 2nd interview with Piers Morgan where he talked about how London was a failed city, the decline of the western world while praising the UAE is what did him in. I don’t think ‘The Matrix’ wants him to influence the fighting-age males which is why shortly after, they arrested him...
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    I was correct

    Same, some people talk with their saliva flying everywhere. There are some who are down with something but insists on coming to work. A mask helps reduce the odds of me from getting a flu bug.
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    What is Your Stance on Getting into Committed Relationships with Single Moms?

    I discovered the same about Donovan Sharpe too
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    Noticed something at my childhood friend's funeral wake

    My dad is like yours too, lost his parents when he was young. I didn’t have a good relationship with him. He passed 2 years and it still hurts me to lose him. Just wished he could have been a better dad and I could have been a better son.
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    Average looking (gold digger) girl uses dating app to meet millionaires and travel!

    Because like you said, guys keep showering her with attention. And unlike guys, they are not grounded in reality. They live in their own world.
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    Long distance relationships (LDRs)

    I was in an LDR during the pandemic, girl lost her job and had to move back to her country. We tried to make it work but deep down I knew she wasn't really a quality girl to begin with (a few tats, drinks a lot, has male friends) and it'll be a matter of time before she starts being a ho...
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    Tom Brady feels "abandoned"

    It's just crazy that societal conditioning has made a 42yr old, mom of 2, think she can do better than Tom ****ing Brady. Jesus Christ.
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    Movie: The Northman

    I was anticipating this movie due to all the reviews on the internet but when I finally watched it, I was really underwhelmed. There was nothing new in it.
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    She was lying about a dude, hard next?

    I understand demoting her to just a plate. But I don't see how she's trustworthy enough to be promoted back up like ever.... She does not have the qualities to be able long term partner. Just a smash.
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    Working with women

    I can relate a bit here and I'm glad I found the redpill a while back. My dad died recently so dealing with family means dealing with women(my mum and my sis) and its just crazy how they want me to be responsible for everything without giving me any authority (cos I'm the youngest). My boss at...
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    Wanna spin plates,but keep meeting women who push for exclusivity. How to deal with it

    What do you think of FreshNFit? One of their 'demands' is for the your girl to get off social media, cut contact with their ex, no male friends..etc I'm torn between communicating those demands overtly on one hand, and on the other, I'm wondering whether I should just observe how they act in...
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    In case you are wondering...this is what most women desperately want from guys and very few give it to them...

    my biggest fear is that after all her moaning of wanting to be used, she then regrets it the next day and two cops show up on your door. im just not brave enough nor willing to sacrifice everything i've worked for just to play out certain fantasies(which I definitely will enjoy).
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    Dating in your 40's...the women are bat s crazy

    You and me, we’re pretty similar: Same age range, never married and no kids. I can only thank God for making me listen to my guts in my previous relationships and break em off without ever making it to the marriage stage. No doubt, my blue-pill ass would have been taken to the cleaners and broke...
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    Your woman can cheat and still love and respect you?

    Can you expand on this? My opinion of modern women is already so low that I don’t think they feel crappy about it. Most likely bragging to their 304 friends and planning the next threesome again. While withholding sex from her long term bf.
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    The pain in the a$$ of dealing wtih 25+ women

    Yea, can’t put my finger on it but women whose been on the CC are quite confident and are generally more masculine. Sure, there are exceptions but it’s better to talk about the probable than the possible. I use that as a yardstick when it comes to LTR. Although, for flings, I fvck them all.
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    Do you find it pointless to explain the whole red pill and sexual market theory to other people?

    Especially when you are the only unmarried guy dating around, while the rest of your mates are married with kids in school, the last thing they want is to hear about redpill stuff from me.
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    Do you find it pointless to explain the whole red pill and sexual market theory to other people?

    Yea, I get triggered when reading Reddit posts that endorse wh0rish behavior but it’s not worth it to share your opinions there. Either do it here or go on 4chan where there’s not much censorship and some of them are redpill aware. (It’s kinda racist place though)
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    This was me when I was bluepilled. Totally felt helpless and even got flu symptoms because I didn’t sleep much and my heart was racing. It was the first time I was this invested in a girl and the breakup was just unfathomable. It gets easier if you cut all contact with her, keep yourself busy...
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    How to make a girl who doesn't like bjs blow me

    This is it. There’s only one girl who refuse to give me bjs even though we’ve slept together. Turns out, she liked me but not enough to wanna put my **** inside her mouth. No genuine burning desire.
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    Former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst Dies at 30

    I wish I could understand but an average joe like would never be able to. Someone who is 30, who has more than I do, and could have everything chose a permanent solution.