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    What I learned from these pics of Pornstars without makeup

    Pretty much any chick with the body I like can become my personal porn star. Girls will go to lengths to make their man happy. I think most dudes look for the diamonds rather than the diamonds in the rough that just need some shine (see: good makeup). Find a chick with a non-acned face and a...
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    Am I about to stick my **** in crazy? (I'd prefer not to)

    don't know the BPD signs...what are they?
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    Am I about to stick my **** in crazy? (I'd prefer not to)

    I met this girl at a club back in August. She got pissy when I played it cool and didn't answer her texts immediately. I told her I don't drop everything I'm doing to check my texts, live with it. She also told me she was looking for something serious right off the bat, and I told her I prefer...
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    GF was distant and now is becoming very annoying

    In a long term relationship as such, and especially as a man, you gotta call sh1t out as you see it. If you let it fester and bother you in the background, you're gonna end up being passive aggressive. I would try to have a "heart to heart" and give her a chance to be honest/straight up. I would...
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    How does it feel knowing most of you will end up with a slut?

    This is funny. But to each their own. I guess the bigger question is, how does it feel knowing that your virgin will probably only be a vaginal virgin? Virgins nowadays just don't give up the pvssy until marriage, but they keep their previous BF's happy with BJs, anal, and HJs. Virgins are...
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    Any Fasptronauts on here?

    Did you start fapping again after you finished? What comes after completion?
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    Any Fasptronauts on here?

    Has the NoFap campaign committee already come by this board? Just curious who has participated, if its helped your pimpin, and any other info they'd like to add.
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    guy hitting on my sister.

    As long as your sis didnt get raped or assaulted, you are okay. At some point you have to realize your sister likes c0ck as much as you like pvssy. All the girls you fvck around with are someone's sister or daughter as well. Live and let live
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    KINO: How You THINK It Works vs. How it ACTUALLY Works

    I have to respectfully disagree with this thread as a hard and fast rule. I'm basing the following off experience. Kino is not about establishing, it's about escalating. In order for kino to work, you have to already have a level of trust, comfort, attraction, etc. established. Everything after...
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    Do You Have Go To Moves? Do You Play to Your Strengths? Or Are You Always Reinventing

    When I say go to moves, I mean openers, first dates, from the front door to the bedroom, etc. Go to first date is bring her to my place, cook garlic butter shrimp, veggies, and pasta. Bottle of Moscato and a redbox. Either funny or scary. Typically scary, since they either hug up or get bored...
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    Do You Have Go To Moves? Do You Play to Your Strengths? Or Are You Always Reinventing

    ? I ask this because from what I see, all of the most succesful guys I've met basically have a concrete repertoire of moves they use consistently, and live and die by them. A lot of the unsuccesful guys I see are trying new things every time, not perfecting everything and have a bunch of...
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    Why young girls don't give a fcuk!

    The problem isn't that the dudes aren't playing their game right. The dudes could be ****ing other chicks on the side as well. I gangbanged this random chick in college with a dude I had just met. About 2 years later, I was ****ing his girlfriend of like 4 years and he found out because he got...
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    Girl spits a load into my laundry.....

    If I didn't like it I would chewed her out, told her she can't do that anymore, ensure she understands and left it at that. Now that you went so far in one direction, I would let her come back to me
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    Mood Music

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjqZLucs0t4 Ray Cash - Sex Appeal (Pimp in My Own Mind) This **** stays in my rotation. Old as hell, but mos def in my rotation of pregame/pre-club music. What other songs yall got that puts you in state like a snap?
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    she contacted me to meet up, should i have not gone?

    *grunch* This is a disaster. You can get better, but you need to read the DJ Bible, specifically, Book of Pook. The fact that she's still giving you opportunities means SHE AT LEAST THINKS YOUR CUTE! Unless she's BUTT AZZ UGLY, she HAS better options. SHE CHOSE YOU! Get THAT through your thick...
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    She's baaaaack....

    Either don't respond (Best option) or straight up tell her you're not friends with her anymore. Tell her she needs to lose your number and move on like you did. Go NO CONTACT Immediately. The 2nd response will pretty much drop her jaw and get you a pissy long winded text response or a phone...
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    HB9.. Playing games.. Any Tips??

    Girls will know you're a player and still want to fvck you. My standard response is "yeah, but only football and baseball though." Keep it funny and make her think you're all about her. If she pushes you into a corner, I go the "I'm not perfect, everyone has a past, dismiss it and judge me by...
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    HB9.. Playing games.. Any Tips??

    She's probably been the girl that comes over late, gets pumped, gets dumped, and doesn't want to do it again. She knows you wanna do the same thing. This reminds me an attention *****. A couple questions/suggestions...1) Have you been sexual? If not, don't be shy, be sexual. These girls (from my...
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    Unfair Unfair what to do about it.