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    Help me schedule my training

    Hello, Monday: Full Body Workout Tuesday: off Wednesday: Full Body Workout Thursday: off Friday: Full Body Workout Saturday: off Sunday: off
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    What's everyones body fat %

    Hello, Women 20-39 yrs 21-33% 40-59 yrs 23-35% Men 20-39 yrs 8-19% 40-59 yrs 11-22%
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    Anyone here tried lean xtreme?

    Hello, You can lower cortisol naturaly , You should eat a healthful, balanced diet and pay attention to your sugar intake Some foods that may help to keep cortisol levels stable include: dark chocolate bananas and pears black or green tea probiotics in food such as yogurt probiotics in...
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    Chronic kidney disease,

    I have chronic kidney disease, what should I eat?
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    why are my hands so dry

    The lack of moisture in the air causes dry skin and hands. Try the Argan oil
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    Do you eat breakfast? If so, what do you usually have?

    I usually drink barley soup
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    Forum Rules

    I am new here, thanks for acceptance into this private group