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  1. pyros

    Bi Girl agreed to a FMF 3 way. Advice.

    well, in my experience , in order to find a second girl for a threesome: A) your current girl knows of another chick who is interested. So basically she does all the work. B) you have banged another bi chick in the past or you're banging her now. You suggest the idea to this girl, if she agrees...
  2. pyros

    My girlfriend wants to marry me just because I can provide for us

    I don't think it is such a big issue to tell her that you do not like the current situation, and that she should pay some bills or whatever. But if you've been in this situation for so long, I sense there may be something more in this relationship...
  3. pyros

    Being an a-hole landed me a 3-way

    so you think a threesome was about to start...? ok...
  4. pyros

    Some advice as to how to proceed?

    I understand you want to know why she's disappeared but... Instead of wasting hours trying to guess why she acts the way she acts, posting here, etc. you should have been doing whatever else. If you get this obsessed over just two dates, your inner game needs improvement. If she is gone, she's...
  5. pyros

    Acquaintance's girlfriend banned me from their wedding

    Hello all, So I have this acquaintance of mine that I've known for around 7 years. He's in in my college's group of friends; this is a group of friends that we see each other every 1-2-3 months since we left college. The thing is that he just told me that her future wife doesn't like me. The...
  6. pyros

    Girl i'm going out is rude sometimes

    1 She had little respect for you. 2 She just wanted to have sex a few times. 3 Since she had little respect (interest) for you, and she had the sex she wanted, she's not interested in you anymore. P.S. When you're getting to know a woman and she disrespects you doing "X", you call her out on...
  7. pyros

    Help with my girl.

    It is quite easy, but you do not want to accept the facts. Anyway here it goes: SHE DOESN'T WANT TO DATE/MARRY YOU. For whatever reasons, she just doesnt like you that much. 1 You cannot fix this. 2 You should stop wasting your time with her. 3 You should look for a younger woman WHO DOES...
  8. pyros

    Getting The Threesome?

    ... one word: ALCOHOL. You're welcome.
  9. pyros

    Text mistake or is she over reacting?

    Don't overthink. You did fine.
  10. pyros

    Help!! What should I do?

    OP, it is obvious that she's either fvcking some other dude who is her priority. This... or she's just not into you and tries to fake it. Or...she has terminal cancer and is not in the mood. Anyway, chances are she's into someone else. Forget about her so you will be relieved.
  11. pyros

    Is This Girl A Keeper? Or Shall I Next

    No one can tell you what is right or what is wrong in this situation. Me, personally I wouldnt seriously date a woman with a kid, but up to you man. The thing you said that you want zero to do with her kid...that's stupid. If you have a serious relationship with a woman with a kid, you have to...
  12. pyros

    weight lifting or martial arts

    I did martial arts for around 6 years. I really enjoyed it, everytime I had to go I was motivated, I spent time on my own training and practicing; besides, I learned about asian traditions, self defense, discipline, kindness, etc. I also made a few friends that last until today. That was five...
  13. pyros

    I lost tonight big time AFC came out so hard

    if a woman affects you this much, you need therapy.
  14. pyros

    31 an still living with my mother

    Because of huge unemployent rate and bad luck among other things, I am 31, I still live with my mother, and I just have a little bit of money saved. In the last year I've landed an ok job which pays ok but it is been very difficult to progress in my career. The majority of my friends earn more...
  15. pyros

    FIRST DATE RAPPORT - Is she playing games?

    its not that difficult: a) she is actually fvcking some other guy and she just went out with you to have some fun/validation b) she finds you nice, but you dont make her wet In any case, she is a waste of time.
  16. pyros

    are promiscuous women girlfriend material?

    Let's say you meet a 22 years old girl you really like, but she's told you that she's had sex with a lot of guys, has had a couple of threesomes, ONS, etc. She really likes sex and she wants it all the time. Would this make you discard her as relationship material because she's too much of a...
  17. pyros

    She always reply to my text next day

    I've been in the same situation once. Conclusion? she is not really interested in you, but she is having trouble with her boyfriend/exboyfriend/fwb so eventhough she is not really into you, she likes to go on dates to do something instead of being at home getting sad/mad/desperate about that...
  18. pyros

    Call her or not??

    if you're on this forum and you dont fuvck 9s and 10s your a loser, it seems LMAO...
  19. pyros

    Is It Time To Drop This Plate? 3 flakes

    you're just do desperate to realise you're wasting your time.