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    Girlfriend to blame for nofap failure?

    We have sex every day but I also fap about once a day as well. Relationship is good (she does most of the chasing, etc) but I do remember having better sex with exs. Also I think my fapping is just as frequent as it was when I was single for 6+ months. It's crossed my mind that maybe this girl...
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    Are you a boobs, legs or bum guy? Do you think it says anything about you?

    I tried that once. Ended up spending 30 minutes telling her that she was attractive, through the door of the bathroom she locked herself in.:lol::rofl: Yes you do.
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    20 year old virgin-Where do i start?

    I also thought that first but didn't think that was an option to mention. OP, the money makes hookers horny (trust me on this) and you don't have to worry about doing anything that'll mess it up as she already will **** you. If you somehow mess up (you won't) then you can just redo with someone...
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    I'm done with dating

    When I was single with many plates (especially from tinder) if I ever got a "sorry" from a girl I would go anyway with another date, take a picture (showing slight arm/chest of the other girl) and then post it as an instagram story. I hid the story from all my plates apart from the one that...
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    Phuck it

    When I read this part I just thought "oh no what a tool". Anyway I'm glad you turned it around! Unfortunately, it seems most guys (especially on fb) seem to be buying their gf unbelievably expensive bday and xmas gifts.
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    Are you a boobs, legs or bum guy? Do you think it says anything about you?

    Face is all that matters, everything else should fall into place.
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    what is everyone doing for NYE ?

    We arranged things too late and everywhere in my town is booked however, we managed to get tickets to NYE in a Casino which will be interesting.
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    20 year old virgin-Where do i start?

    LOL at the good grades part, are you 20 or 15? When was the last time a successful guy even mentioned good grades when giving out advice, think about it? Anyway a book I would recommend would be Doc Love's The system (dating dictionary). It's expensive, maybe you could find a used one on ebay...
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    Girlfriend cut her hair, how do I punish her?

    This is what I was thinking a the start. I'm surprised (not really) that it took so many replies on SS till something like yours came along. I thought I was going crazy after all the "her body her choice" #imwithher #votehillary #malefeminist f@ggot replies. If she had high IL then wouldn't she...
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    Girlfriend cut her hair, how do I punish her?

    Haha I was waiting for a post like this.
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    Girlfriend cut her hair, how do I punish her?

    I'll take this advice. It's funny I kept thinking of some kind of angle or something to get a reaction and overthought it all.
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    Girlfriend cut her hair, how do I punish her?

    I thought about the humor route and say "if it's gone up there did it grow down there" (she's always shaved down). But right now I'm thinking that after Sunday I would make our next meetup 2+ weeks later rather than the usual 1-2x a week so at least it would give her some doubts about the next...
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    Girlfriend cut her hair, how do I punish her?

    You didn't read my question. I said how do I go about this, nothing to do with the "her body her choice" BS. On Sunday do I fake pretend that I like it, no reaction or say that I thought she knew I like it long?
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    LR: HB 6.5 25 YR Old POF Girl

    I've caught chlamydia a bunch of times, it's not a big deal. The main thing is pregnancy! You never know if you have a crazy girl that doesn't mind having a kid out of the blue or is 'pro-life'. If you hate synthetic condoms try using lamb-skins. You can cure an STD but you can't cure a baby.
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    Making jokes with women

    Big bonus if you make the girl laugh. It's like night and day, and for most girls it probably the easiest way to escalate.
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    settling with an average in looks girl

    That's something ugly girls say. A really hot girl at 20 will still be hot at 40. That's some good advice. My girlfriend's face is stunning but her body is skin & bones, I have to stare at her face otherwise I lose the boner.
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    Girlfriend cut her hair, how do I punish her?

    We've been dating for 2 months. I've mentioned to her many times how much I like her long hair (goes to her hips). She once asked what I'd think if she cut it and I joked that the next date after that would be when it grew back. I thought she had high IL but today I found out that she cut it...
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    Your Retirement Number

    That's BS.
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    Hot white girls are the final hurdle in the game.

    One of the hottest blonde girls I know is now dating a chinese/Filipino guy, but the amount of hate he gets on her instagram comments is crazy. OP don't put white girls on a pedestal, most likely they're in the majority in the place you live. I'm not saying to date non-white girls, just don't...
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    Why beta males cling to Disney fairy tale LTR's

    Not really. Being alpha doesn't necessarily mean that you can't be in an exclusive relationship. Imagine an alpha guy and a beta guy, both married, a hot girl hits on them both. The only thing to wonder is if the alpha guy would cheat on his wife because you already know the beta will never turn...