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  1. Lozboss

    Ghosting / No Contact

    Ok so Ghosting and No Contact are different. Ghosting is when you go silent on someone and ignore them indefinitley. This is usually an exit strategy. No contact is used to exert power or regain power. As other posters mentioned- this is only after there has been investment otherwise it's...
  2. Lozboss

    Has anyone felt like they'd never meet "the ones"?

    Read Rollo's book- 'The Rational Male'. He talks in length about this. There are a lot of 'ones'. Good ones, bad ones and toxic ones. The truth is that there are high quality women but they have red flags too. It's just relative to what you find acceptable. You need to realize that a lot...
  3. Lozboss

    The isolation of the Redpill

    What a load of Bluepill Beta nonsense. Why are you on SS if you're bluepill exactly? To try and troll?
  4. Lozboss

    The isolation of the Redpill

    Thanks for your comments. I do find it frustrating that friends who get girlfriends forget their friends. Then they come crying when its over. So it's basically impossible to have a social circle with being a walking lie- fantastic.
  5. Lozboss

    The isolation of the Redpill

    Thanks but doesn't answer my question. I don't want to be an island. I'm past the rage stage. I want to know how you build a redpill friendly social circle.
  6. Lozboss

    The isolation of the Redpill

    Hey guys, Wanted some advice from the senior DJs. Recently I've found as I've become more ingrained in Redpill life I've found myself becoming isolated. My refusal to accept or provide women with undeserved validation (often via social media). My newfound confidence has led to fallouts...
  7. Lozboss

    BPD ex contacts me again

    I don't hang around here anymore- mainly because of threads like this. Seeing experienced DJs who SHOULD know better still making the same rookie mistakes. WHAT DO WE ALWAYS SAY: IGNORE + DELETE+BLOCK Now for f*cks sake start putting it into practice. EXs, BPD or not, are part of your PAST...
  8. Lozboss

    The Five Stages of Red Pill.....and viewing threads in that context

    Great post. Probably in stage 4 currently. In monk mode and just focussed on me. It's a tough transition. I'm interested to see if one ever gets to stage 5.
  9. Lozboss

    Linkden an IOI

    Girl at work.... Yeah nah! Although I have dated people from outside my company who LinkedIn with me.
  10. Lozboss

    Have you ever had a first date in the morning?

    I've done morning brunch on a weekend. Like 10/11:00. You just got to make sure they are a good laugh. Although I will say I've never bedded anyone from a brunch date.
  11. Lozboss

    The real pain of breaking up... Interesting article.

    I agree that holding onto hate corrupts. 100%. I don't want to. But redpill bitterness in general is hard to overcome. To not let the truth colour the perception of woman. To see the games and **** tests and not let it colour your perception of that person. I don't agree on hating the...
  12. Lozboss

    The real pain of breaking up... Interesting article.

    Honestly? Not quite. Its dulled with time but I can't forgive her. Why not? Perhaps because it was betrayal after all I'd done. I've learned what i've done wrong since then- it led me to my redpill awakening. For that I guess i'm thankful in a weird way. I disagree with deep love- hate. I...
  13. Lozboss

    Couldn't get it up again for the third time

    OP It sounds like anxiety. Although I would suggest No Fap for 30 days. It's something I'd recommend to anyone.
  14. Lozboss

    The real pain of breaking up... Interesting article.

    The hardest part I find isn't coping with the pain of loss. It's letting go of Hate or dealing with no closure. That's my personal experience.
  15. Lozboss

    How would a DJ deal with this?

    Agreed but OPs question: Marriage. Is answered very well in that book. It's an iron Rule of Tomassi. its not the book of every answer- but it covers 90% of these newbie questions.
  16. Lozboss

    How would a DJ deal with this?

    Women communicate covertly. Telling her how you feel is a waste of time. It's overt communication. I'd read The Rational Male if I were you. I'd echo the same as what others have said: do not marry her just to appease family. Stupidity.
  17. Lozboss

    Playing hard to get, I cant do it anymore

    The Redpill reality is a tough one. You are never given a break. Courting women is a constant battle, maintaining high IL requires constant assessment and action. The only way it becomes easier is when it becomes ingrained. Then it's natural rather than taking supreme effort.
  18. Lozboss

    Reprecussions of Forcing Exclusitivity

    The key to getting a woman to pursue you and be the one to initiate exclusivity is: Competition anxiety. Don't overtly tell her you're seeing other women. Just dodge any questions she poses about them. The fact you're being evasive will do enough. Another one is to not 'hide you phone' - if...
  19. Lozboss

    How to deal with female HR manager?

    Use the Professional/Personal barrier. Tease her: "I'd love to but what would people say if I was seen out with HR" and smirk.
  20. Lozboss

    Does she like me and how can I ask her out?

    I said this. In in fact complained about this. Certain members on this board thought that was whining? I find it funny how they aren't having a go at you for saying it. @Tictac for example. In fact the thread was closed by @TheVirtualMind. DJ forum is full of lazy garbage threads. Mods...