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  1. J

    :lol: :lol: We are all waiting in line. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think Pook himself...

    :lol: :lol: We are all waiting in line. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think Pook himself wrote "The Book of Pook".
  2. J

    @ Vik Divine, it's one of life's biggest mysteries. No one knows for sure. Maybe he died. Who knows.

    @ Vik Divine, it's one of life's biggest mysteries. No one knows for sure. Maybe he died. Who knows.
  3. J

    I'm not into one-time hookups.

    What's with your profile pic? Are you sucking that tranny's **** from behind :lol::lol:
  4. J

    What is the best guide online or book that you have ever read on escalating kino?

    Damn! This sounds cringe, lol but here's my take. The Kino needs to go along with the situation. So, it's best to allow it to develop naturally. Start off with giving her some space and the further you communicate and the vibe starts flowing close the space and then find the opportunities for...
  5. J

    How Do You Tell If a Girl is Really on Her Period?

    Hey guys, I haven't been here in ages, lol. WOW! The site has a slightly new design. Cool, cool. So, I was just talking to a friend who had spent time with a girl today (a stripper to be precise) after all was said and done he tried to pull the moves on her and she told him she was on her...
  6. J

    Best Cities for Friendly Women, Dating?

    I live in San Diego there's a lot to do. So, many hot women when I go to Target or the grocery store in general. For the most part most are approachable and not stuck up.
  7. J

    Dating is a fight

    Thank you Vlad. I like the way you put everything you've said. What is an Occam's razor?
  8. J

    Dating is a fight

    Here's an update: You guys were right. There I said it and you win. Now, let's add some humor to this and see who can predict what happens next; but before your prediction here's what transpired. After my last message to her she responded telling me this, "It's an amazing sacrifice for me...
  9. J

    Dating is a fight

    The one thing I do hate though. Is instead of you guys answering some of the questions I asked with regards to timeline of acceptable expectations from a girl you've just started seeing (in order to put her behavior into context). You are all quick to say she's bad she's toxic. The other thing...
  10. J

    Dating is a fight

    DAMN! I am in denial. You guys are probably right and my ego is getting hurt now, lol. I guess I'm invested. She texted she doesn't have time to shave her legs and put on a dress and maybe we should reschedule. To which I responded to her "NO! Vanessa. I will not reschedule. If you don't want to...
  11. J

    My Fastest F*ck close/ Life in a sex store

    Jaylan! Don't read just to pick up something to use to criticize someone versus reading the over all message. I am working on improving my life. The sex store is a by the way thing. The girl is a by the way girl. I didn't go looking and to be honest given my situation it had been a while since I...
  12. J

    My Fastest F*ck close/ Life in a sex store

    Lmao! Are you crazy? Yea, you mean like those guys who put cams in toilet and got caught and prosecuted, lol or put cam in the bathroom and collect evidence against myself? lol. But please let me hear how this could turn into a financial gain. Over to you.
  13. J

    My Fastest F*ck close/ Life in a sex store

    What? I see you are Mr. Know it all ha? SMH! Aight! Well, it's a work environment which makes things risky and most of the girls are in relationships anyway.
  14. J

    Dating is a fight

    This is where this site and opinions can get confusing. I may be saying this because I'm rusty and blind because I'm currently in the situation. Despite the negatives in my story. I have rarely recalled in my 27 women i've shagged history...of anyone who wasn't interested initiating that much...
  15. J

    My Fastest F*ck close/ Life in a sex store

    I've heard of the rare stories people tell about closing on the spot and then it happened to me 2 weeks ago at a sex store. In recent times it seems my life has taken a dive and I moved to a new city to try to resurrect it. Now I don't know if I'm in a more pathetic situation or what. My friend...
  16. J

    Dating is a fight

    I feel like I've been gone from this site for so long but I have something that's eating at me. I feel like some times when guys talk on this site they say do this and do that to establish the frame and maintain control. They often say it as if the women don't even fight back (being dramatic...
  17. J

    On Donald Sterling....

    Well, you know how some gay guys marry a woman and have a family to hide it. Well, it's kinda like that. Just because Sterling did what was right from a business stand point doesn't hide the fact he's racist. How would it look on him if his whole staff was entirely white? Would his team still...
  18. J

    Anyone Else Ever Had a Woman Cry After Sex?

    LMAO! :crackup: What an as$h0le you are. That was funny though. Anyway, yeah I've had a girl I was seeing cry in bed during sex. She didn't know why.
  19. J

    SoSuave is a Thing of my Past

    Ha ha me too. Just when I was thinking I was a sleuth you had to steal my thunder didn't you Malice? lol.
  20. J

    2 Contradictory Theories on SS

    I love the honesty of this post. I've found myself questioning this same contradiction at times. I believe the truth is somewhere in between and it's at times like this I wish the likes of Rollo Tomassi with more experience are here to clarify. Personally, I'm dealing with this contradictions...