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  1. Jariel

    How do you game girls who can't hold a conversation?

    While I'm single I may as well have some fun with these girls. That makes sense and it does seem a lot of girls would rather skip the texting and meet quickly, so I'll set it up. Thanks mate.
  2. Jariel

    How do you game girls who can't hold a conversation?

    Yeah, I guess my mistake is talking to these girls and screening them as though I want to date them long term. I've always been lousy at picking up in clubs with minimal conversation and this seems similar to that scenario: catch their attention and escalate.
  3. Jariel

    How do you game girls who can't hold a conversation?

    I know a lot of people (especially younger people) who "communicate" in this short text speak and a lot of people who hook up or date without much conversation. But as I've got older I get bored easily by people with no personality or depth and usually just next them and don't arrange a date...
  4. Jariel

    How do you game girls who can't hold a conversation?

    Some of the hottest girls I match with on dating apps are usually the most dumb and dull. Messages barely exceed a single sentence and consist of "what u upto?" or "how r u?" and basic yes/no answers to my questions. The truth is I never know how to talk to these girls on this level or how to...
  5. Jariel

    Cash Me Outside Girl - $1 Mil OnlyFans

    I remember the days when adults would tell kids that good grades, discipline and hard work were the keys to success. How ridiculous!
  6. Jariel

    “Physically fit”

    There's no question that abs will get you laid more, but not so much if you're scrawny. You really need a decent overall physique too. But it always makes me laugh when girls pretend they're above all that and would never be so shallow. What a load of crap. A good body raises your whole social...
  7. Jariel

    Why do some women ghost after sex?

    I've had this happen and been left confused too. The girls were so into me, wanting me to stay the night, cuddling up tightly and showing keenness right until the point I left the next day. Some would continue showing interest for a few days after, then a total u-turn or ghosting me. I've...
  8. Jariel

    Is there anything wrong with seeing escorts?(long, personal story)

    The big problem I see with escorts is the same as watching porn. You get the "reward" without any of the work. You don't experience rejection and the struggles that come with dating. You don't need to work on yourself, take time with your appearance or increase your value to get sex. This...
  9. Jariel

    My girlfriend thought meeting up with her ex was a good idea

    This is a great point and I've seen it happen exactly this way many times. Girl takes a good guy for granted, guy shows some balls, refuses to accept her bull**** and dumps her. Girl spends years (sometimes even most of her life) regretting her behaviour and pining for him, always wondering what...
  10. Jariel

    My girlfriend thought meeting up with her ex was a good idea

    This is not good. Had it been a long term platonic friend it might be different, but this is a guy she slept with and was/is obviously attracted to. My biggest regret from my first long term relationships is that I didn't act on the red flags. I found out she had been keeping in touch with one...
  11. Jariel

    Is a man being a "fatphobe" for not wanting to sex his girlfriend because she's fat?

    Totally agree mate. I suspect a lot of the more attractive curvy girls have some muscle mass beneath the body fat, work their legs and ass, whereas some are mostly bodyfat and have more of a jellyfish consistency.
  12. Jariel

    Lusting Over Average Girls!

    Definitely!! I always go for beautiful trophy girlfriends, but when it comes to ONS or FBs I get more turned on by average girls and find the sex is always better. Maybe it's because I feel less self conscious, less need to impress and uninhibited so I can just let go and enjoy the ride. I've...
  13. Jariel

    Is a man being a "fatphobe" for not wanting to sex his girlfriend because she's fat?

    No chance, but I would totally go for girls like this...
  14. Jariel

    Is a man being a "fatphobe" for not wanting to sex his girlfriend because she's fat?

    If people want to embrace being overweight and feel confident about it, then good for them. Personally I like girls with curves and a bit on the thick side. What does irritate me though is how many people these days throw accusations of being fat phobic, racist, transphobic or whatever else...
  15. Jariel

    Make high value your purpose

    Good point. Games get a bad rap, but they're no less productive than a lot of more common activities like social media, reality TV, cell phone addiction. Plus a lot of games now have very sophisticated writing and intelligent puzzles. Great for enhancing your problem solving skills, among other...
  16. Jariel

    Make high value your purpose

    I know this all to well unfortunately. I've had a similar internal voice most of my life and the crazy mood swings. Too much caffeine (or other stimulants) are a big culprit here too. Even if you're mentally calm, they put your body in a state of stress. I had people ask me why I was on nervous...
  17. Jariel

    Is this relationship worth it?

    Contrary to some other replies here, I don't see the issue here at all. I think it's great to see a girl with strong family values and a great relationship with her parents. I also think it's healthy in a relationship to have your own lives and activities beyond each other and to be free to take...
  18. Jariel

    Make high value your purpose

    Absolutely! These organisations, influencers and "gurus" make out their purpose is to help others, but behind their facade of altruism is a motive to make profit. They prey on people who are poor, lack confidence and feel unworthy and keep them trapped in that state so they can sell them more...
  19. Jariel

    Make high value your purpose

    I have wasted a massive part of my life feeling like I'm not good enough, constantly hustling and trying to "make it". I got caught up in the self help cult and horrible advice that suggests you should sleep less, work more and that anything else is a waste of time. At one point I was sleeping...
  20. Jariel

    Can you game a woman player?

    I found this really interesting as it describes me in many ways. I certainly don't fit the feminine description in a physical sense. I'm 6'3, muscular and girls often say they're both intimidated and attracted to my masculine presence. However, I do have a lot of female friends and circles. I'm...