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  1. Smok1nAce

    Penis Envy is vital to understanding women

    Reminds me of a video I seen a few years ago, when I was into bodybuilding.
  2. Smok1nAce

    The Types of Girls you see on Dating Apps

    To sum it up, most the girls on dating apps are used low quality sluts. Waste your time if you want.
  3. Smok1nAce

    Youtube short that sums up todays' dating market

    Most men & women arnt **** its been that way since the dawn of time, we are just the echo from the 1900s when christian values of getting married where seen as the purpose of life. Most propaganda (social programing) from that time pushed men and women to get married and have kids as soon a...
  4. Smok1nAce

    Youtube short that sums up todays' dating market

    Almost every women I have every meet who says guys are social awkward are projecting and are always the social awkward ones. Yes attractive women can be social awkward.
  5. Smok1nAce

    Dating Career Women

    I would also agree with this. Anything to spice up their boring lives.
  6. Smok1nAce

    Spinning plates or dating multiple women is overrated advice

    Its something to do, cool when young but as you become mature prioritize change. Have you main one and side if need be. Rotating you side piece when something better come along.
  7. Smok1nAce

    Did you ever took a break from dating?

    Its difficult but the main reason I'm taking a break is because I've been seeing to many low hanging fruit. H0es are good every once in a while but after seeing them non stop for several years I'm becoming jaded.
  8. Smok1nAce

    Did you ever took a break from dating?

    I'm currently taking a year off from any pursing. Feels nice, like I'm leveling up. More time and less distractions.
  9. Smok1nAce

    Would you date a girl who checks all the boxes except her body?

    Once your "in" with a women they are all pretty much the same give or take temperament, insecurities and other small details. Once youve reached that point with women you become indifferent and realize you should never settle.
  10. Smok1nAce

    The Alpha in the wild

    Exactly when will this alpha crap die already. An alpha in the wild? Sounds like a dude raping a female. We are not dogs, lions or beast we are humans. I can only see this applying to sports or if your on a team other then that its mental masturbation. Just be likeable, fit and clean and let...
  11. Smok1nAce

    Dating Career Women

    Most career women are insufferable to be around at work and outside of work. Every conversation with them is an ego driven conversation. Its like there tying to pretend to be something their not.
  12. Smok1nAce

    Men still want the plantation

    To many men and women regularly masturbate creating minds of self indulgence. Regardless of your view a long lasting healthy marriage is still the best way to live in todays world.
  13. Smok1nAce

    Bumble, Tinder, Hinge & dating apps are destroying America

    the problem is abuse. getting on their to find a date was its ential intent. now its used a a validation and depession tool for women.
  14. Smok1nAce

    Why it’s cheaper to pay a lady of the night, rather than waste your time and money trying to “pick up” women in bars and nightclubs.

    Thats cause most men waste time to tying to game women (convince them to sleep with them) instead of letting the chips fall where they fall. Most dudes think if they go a month without busting a nut their is something wrong with them and they should be sleeping with mutiple women every month or...
  15. Smok1nAce

    Maybe there is some hope...Millenials and Gen Z think women's rights have "gone too far"

    its not women rights that are a problem. its the emasculation of males.
  16. Smok1nAce

    A Woman Walked Out On A Hinge Date For His Dinner Order

    lol clearly she didnt want to be on the date, it could have been anything. Im just shocked at 3 dollars for extra for cheese. Inflation, Im not surprised he leave right away with outrageous prices like that. How much was the burger 50$? These companys are playing with our money at this point...
  17. Smok1nAce

    A lot of weak men!

    its cooperations, the women are just as weak as men. They keep everyone chasing money.
  18. Smok1nAce

    Are you prepared? Why you dont want to date 9s and 10s.....

    These looser again. Its rare but if u ever meet 9s and 10s they actually are the nicest women. Its ugly women that are the nastiest and I wouldn't waste my time with. Most the women on that show are 5s with bolts-ons, plastic a$ses with a pound of makeup off course their going to be mad at...
  19. Smok1nAce

    Girls at work

    The problem today is beta men. and you might be one. They come to work, talk, gossip and flirt with women because they think its real, its not. Unless these girls are 23 and under their flirting is all BS. You should think of women at work like walking into a strip club, its all smoke and...