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  1. zekko

    Troy Aikman dating a girl 22 years younger than her.

    You assumed my gender? If I was a woman, I would be Zekka.
  2. zekko

    Troy Aikman dating a girl 22 years younger than her.

    Yep, the dude ticks every box. I don't understand how anyone is surprised by this. I haven't heard anyone calling Leonardo DiCaprio a chump, and Aikman's in way better shape than him. Not to mention Aikman is a jock star athlete, and I'm sure has been been in a favorable situation with women...
  3. zekko

    For those of you who desire kids...

    Just to be clear, my parents got married early in life, and had kids. So they weren't autistic. I was a late accident. But a happy one :)
  4. zekko

    Oh you guys are gunna love this...

    She doesn't look bad for her age. I'm getting to the point where everyone looks young to me though lol.
  5. zekko

    New forum section: the blackpill?

    If I understand it correctly, blackpill basically means that it's looks that get girls.
  6. zekko

    New forum section: the blackpill?

    If a Chad believes he's a better than average looking guy, and that contributes to his getting girls, wouldn't that be blackpill thinking? It's just that it works to his advantage.
  7. zekko

    If you think that the 20:80 rule is rough, you haven't been around most men that "game"

    When I first started reading seduction studies, most people talked about it being 10: 90. Not long after, it became 20: 80, mainly because of the Pareto Principle I imagine, although 20:80 actually sounded more reasonable. Especially at that time, because there was no way that only one guy out...
  8. zekko

    Across the Spider-Verse

    Haven't seen this yet, but I liked the first movie. You said there's no Nick Cage, is Spider-Ham in it? I suppose he is. These multiverse movies are getting out of hand.
  9. zekko

    Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

    I didn't think Morbius was that bad, except in spots. But I thought it would be a stinker, so my expectations were low. I find the two Venom movies cringeworthy, but I'm not a huge Venom fan anyway. Into the Spider-Verse was good.
  10. zekko

    This Rollo Video

    I've never understood this style of always wearing a winter cap, can someone explain it to me? Is your head cold? Covering a balding head?
  11. zekko

    What video games are you guys playing these days?

    As a follow up, I just finished Tails of Iron, which I got on March 19. That should give you some idea on how I am with video games. I may only play once or twice a week, and might only put in 20 minutes. If I play over an hour, it's very unusual, I don't usually do those long gaming sessions...
  12. zekko

    Had sex but missed gym

    I'd say W. You may have missed gym but you got some exercise in.
  13. zekko

    One of the most based Simpsons episodes: Homer regrows his hair and people treat him like a celebrity

    Not sure I agree with that. When I was in high school, girls liked the guys with the cool cars, and the guys from the wealthy families, the guys who dressed well, and were well nourished. Now maybe times have changed, are you saying that is no longer a thing?
  14. zekko

    One of the most based Simpsons episodes: Homer regrows his hair and people treat him like a celebrity

    Do people treat you better if you wear shoe lifts? I would feel self conscious about it, because I would think people would be able to tell. That's just me, though. I see a lot of wrestlers wearing lifts, but their careers often depend on measuring up to other tough guys. What about a cool...
  15. zekko

    Did you ever took a break from dating?

    I've had a break from dating. Wasn't my idea though, just an extended dry spell. :D
  16. zekko

    how to protect cash against inflation?

    I'm not against local taxes, I just think governments requiring what amounts to rent is wrong. Of course, I realize what I think matters exactly jack squat. Some states don't have income tax though. When I was growing up, IIRC the sales tax was 4% where I live, now it's 7%. They're going to...
  17. zekko

    how to protect cash against inflation?

    I've always thought property taxes were unconstitutional, because we're basically paying rent to the government.
  18. zekko

    how to protect cash against inflation?

    The thing that annoys me about the price of housing and real estate going up is that it just means I have to pay higher property taxes, since I have no plans of selling my house.
  19. zekko

    Casual sex is no longer casual for me

    Oh yes, I firmly believe that. As long as you don't let yourself go, and if you put some work into yourself in your 20s. Even taking the edge off the hormones a bit helps IMO.
  20. zekko

    A common trait I saw in men that succeeded with cold approach vs most that failed.

    Even great men can't get as much action as a mildly attractive woman could.