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  1. Von

    What video games are you guys playing these days?

    Go take a Walk before after work. Its healthier M'y game: magic the gathering arena online , diablo2ressurected
  2. Von

    Is It Ok If GF Getting A Massage From A Man?

    M'y wife refusés mâle masseuse as a policy. She Says only her Man can touch her. I always get a lady masseuse however the 2 guys i had were magical. Perso, Dont care
  3. Von

    I didnt Sée your post. I am von

    I didnt Sée your post. I am von
  4. Von

    Just got a PM on something that needs to be said....

    I Gotta work on less complaining and life insatisfaction. Since i tend to repeat alot... I made a game out of it....when i am complaining or rant about me.... Instead of speaking it all i just Do "insert repeat function"... It helps to rewire m'y brain and turn a heavy situation into...
  5. Von

    Oui. Still there

    Oui. Still there
  6. Von

    Can I get Asian girls as a black man?

    It was boulevard stlaurent between Sherbrooke and prince Arthur. The rap club scène I live on orange Line, you right but thinks are changing... All the Brossard Asian Guy i know are with White girls (5 couples)
  7. Von

    Match Group Announces Layoffs

    I used to OWN their stock before the split with AIC ... Made good money... That company owned 90% of the online dating market
  8. Von

    The Wedding which leads to divorce

    I think m'y wedding costed around 20 000$ including honeymoon.... But we did everything ourself and wedding gift made it we broke even..no débt. It was fun and teambuilding to Do all of it. Wedding are hard, first year was intense. Now we planning baby 2.(wish me luck) People think too Much...
  9. Von

    The Wedding which leads to divorce

    Hey everyone, a story of wedding 'cost' and divorce A) Expensive ''as you seen me'' wedding a few years ago 2016 to 2018.. alot of chicks i know got married and some to ''really expensive'' wedding ... the wedding costed 100 000$+ atleast (biggest and luxurious hotel, italy honeymoon, 200...
  10. Von

    Are most girls depressed?

    Every stats out There shows women happyness is at the lowest it ever been since 1960s when they recorded the data. Too Much choices Too Much pressure to be a Man No more rôle identity based on her biological Etc.
  11. Von

    Tate Brothers Arrested in Romania on Trafficking Charges

    Having followers or affiliate online might be a crime ? Hes funny
  12. Von

    Do you think the USA military is far behind its recruiting goals because sexless men aren't motivated to put their life in danger?

    The army was always the poor man way out. The army is a social service. The youth is more informed and individual than ever. The youth doesnt Sée the point of the American wars arouns the world. Why be send in a foreign country for no more reasons than provide a expenditure on a federal...
  13. Von

    Women slobbering over a wanted man

    Omg you guys have to watch the latest fresh and fit with Rollo tomossi... They went 44min on how criminal get all the female attention...some even got laid or married while on trial. I suspect thèse Guy provide the ultimate emotional Drive.. rebelenough to dont care about society, alpha to...
  14. Von

    Taking Escort on Company Trip

    Bring your mistress it cost less and people Will find it funny (seen it happen). It passes better (and Well if no one know your Personal life) An escort, you Will pay $$$ for unknown results/disaster potentiel. Can you imagine if the escort has your co-workers for clients? Save your money...
  15. Von

    World cup 2022

    I love Bill Burr and Andrew (something) jokes on the Men "Soccer" World Football...in short: finally a sport where US Women win more than the men, lol. How come U-K has 2 teams? Whale, England. Canada presence for the first time since the existence of the country! go france
  16. Von

    Pregnancy Announcements Everywhere! Life When Your Blue Pill Social Circle Starts Having Babies

    Dude it's simple... 50% of people will be single for ever no kids... 50% will have kids in anything status The statistics don't lie.. 50% of women over 30 settle and the other 50% don't.. So it's the same for guys. I find odd you didn't live this sooner ;)
  17. Von

    Is it possible to be a serious PUA while living with parents?

    Roush still live with his mom. Get your own place or better!! Live at their place
  18. Von

    Going To Bars/Clubs Is That A Red Flag For You?

    Dude everyone should know.... Anything that ain't lock in a safe is... a red flag ;) Your girl seems to be having a lot of good friends or looking for love
  19. Von

    Tom Brady feels "abandoned"

    And she wanted him To retire.. Did he? Here's the result He didnt listen To Her? Well, it would have happened anyway Classic Women hypergamy move