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    Any advice on resetting Tinder and Bumble from software pros on here?

    On Hinge yet? Haven’t been in OLD lately, but I’ve gotten more responses with it than any of the others. Every time I take a 3+ month break from any of them I notice a boost when I return. Low match rate, it works occasionally though. I’m tempted to pay for a premium account because it...
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    Meta analysis: Resistance Bands provide same strength gains as free weights

    Which brand do you use? I’ve been following John Jaquish and his X3 band system but have not yet purchased. Also thinking about flywheel training, but it’s big $$$
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    What are some props you men have that are meant for women to comment on, and does it work?

    small dog, rare sneakers. I work remotely and live next to a popular nature trail/park and talk to about 3-10+ new women a day. Also building rapport at the dog park and with lady neighbors in my apartment complex.
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    Question for it/dev/tech/dba folks

    Azure and AWS have a lot of free resources and support. They have a $200 credit to get you started. Don’t forget to delete your resources though! You get a couple of attempts to retake the exams too. AWS has a game that teaches you the basics. Both very well structured and accessible.
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    Girlfriend doesn't want to pay me rent.

    Don’t charge her rent. Keep her name off any documents and make sure she cooks, cleans, and folds your laundry. She should be available sexually at your discretion. Otherwise, send her packing.
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    Thoughts on Walmart closing stores in urban areas

    Wal mart has the highest number of employees on federal aid. They encourage and assist employees to acquire this aid. This way they can avoid paying a living wage. F_ck wal mart. Steal some work boots and a tv. It’s costing the taxpayers too much to call the cops.
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    Question for it/dev/tech/dba folks

    I heard AWS dropped them, and they have lost market share, but they’re still bound to a lot of legacy systems. I’m not too worried, wouldn’t be the first time I’ve had to find something else to do, haha
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    Question for it/dev/tech/dba folks

    If you already know HTML and CSS, look into JavaScript and see if you like it. You can build a lot of cool stuff with it. Maybe check out Vue when you’re ready. The key is to find something you like, because otherwise you will not be motivated to learn and might give up too early. I like SQL...
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    Cold approaching is overcompensating/gambling

    Which signs do you look for? I’ll approach if I get even second’s worth of eye contact or if a woman is in within range of hearing my six-foot voice (you can approach from a distance). Signs aren’t always obvious. I had a good interaction with a college aged woman a few days ago. I approached...
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    Question for it/dev/tech/dba folks

    I have an Azure certification. I would suggest anyone interested in getting into the IT realm check out the options offered. Even with no prior tech experience you could probably get an associate certificate within a year for minimal investment. The portal is very user friendly and aesthetically...
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    Question for it/dev/tech/dba folks

    Boss changed mind, I no longer need certifications. He just wants me to focus on learning the technology, which is a relief.
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    Question for it/dev/tech/dba folks

    My boss has given me two months to pass Oracle’s 1Z0-082/3 exams. I don’t have to do anything on the job except shadow my coworkers for a few hours a week. The rest of the time I’m expected to prepare for exams. I have no prior dba experience and the certification is professional level. I was...
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    20-24 yo Male not going to work

    I think it’s amusing that people who accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in government handouts AND had them forgiven still consider themselves capitalists. I PPP check everyone now. https://projects.propublica.org/coronavirus/bailouts/
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    Any easy habbits to adopt that help make one into a casual everyday flirt?

    Free sample from my flirting boot camp course: Level 1: watch an old Robin Williams stand up performance, then literally just walk around smiling and saying Hi! to everyone you pass. Respond and react truthfully as your genuine self to any interactions this may produce. Repeat 9000 times.
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    63% of young American men are single while most women in the same age group are in relationships

    @sangheilios My comment was in regard to the survey data.
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    63% of young American men are single while most women in the same age group are in relationships

    I didn’t read the article so I’m not sure how they got those numbers, but isn’t “I have a boyfriend” one of the canonical sheeit-tests?
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    So my girl caught me on tinder

    I had a plate I met through Tinder noticeably lose interest when I told her that I deleted my profile about a month after we started shagging. I think she interpreted it as a sign that I was moving too fast and taking things more seriously than she was. Which is true.
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    Anyone is using ashwaganda here?

    I take ashwaganda and melatonin gummies before bed sometimes. I wake up groggy though.