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  1. manfrombelow

    How to be the type of man that commands respect???

    Correct. When getting disrespected, try not to show you're offended/butthurt (it's a skill that takes time to master though), and simply walk away. No bullsh!t arguments. No bullsh!t "trying to re-frame". Nothing. Just walk the fvck away.
  2. manfrombelow

    What To Do?

    Girls who are really into you sexually would at least offer to suck your d!ck. You should be at least dating other women besides this one, dude.
  3. manfrombelow

    Need some help here, I like her but tricky situation

    I love threads like this one, it shows that even the (seemingly) highly experienced guys get messed up sometimes and outsider inputs are always needed.
  4. manfrombelow

    What To Do?

    If you have to drive to her place, fvck her there, the whole "bring her back" thingy sounds like a total waste of time and over-investment of mental health and energy.
  5. manfrombelow

    She gives attitude and but still responds. What should I do?

    Well said, couldn't have nailed it any better.
  6. manfrombelow

    What To Do?

    You are over thinking stuff. Just invite her over, and fvck the sh!t outta her. And don't bring up any relationship-related topic. That's it.
  7. manfrombelow

    Learning Text Game

    Girls who like you make it easy for you to invite her out. If they make it difficult (being flaky, lukewarm, last-minute cancellation... etc...), it means they're not interested. And you don't waste your time with uninterested women.
  8. manfrombelow

    Slovak girl, 9

    Good for you my man. Now I hope you won't get obsessed over this one and keep spinning plates.
  9. manfrombelow

    How Would you have reacted?

    OP, you're young and still learning, so remember this: This woman, by badmouthing you in front of everyone for something that didn't happen, proved herself to be a type-A azzhole. A better response should be "Sorry I don't know who your friend is and I don't give a fvck about people I don't...
  10. manfrombelow

    What to do if she loses interest (THE MOST COMPLETE HANDBOOK MANUAL)

    Rasputin always knows best. Seriously, some dudes are trying too fvcking hard just to re-invent the fvcking wheel. When a woman loses interest (for whatever the fvck reasons), the best thing to do is simply forget about her, leave her alone, and move on to someone else. Level 1-10 my azz...
  11. manfrombelow

    Girl just “dumped me” for no reason, don’t know what to do

    1. You didn't invite her out. Bad move. 2. Another 2 days of meaningless chit-chat via phones without asking her the fvck out. Very bad move. 3. Typical bullsh~t stuff pulled by a low-interest girl. If it was me, I would just have gone total silence the moment she pulled this sh~t off. 4...
  12. manfrombelow

    Girl flaked on me after schedule a date

    Brother. Believe me when I say that you did NOTHING wrong. You set a date. You decided to save any conversation for the real date, instead of prolonging meaningless chit-chat online. That's the correct thing to do. This chick wanted to flake, most likely due to her having a better prospect...
  13. manfrombelow

    Learning Text Game

    As someone who is not great at text games myself, I have to admit I am somewhat jealous with guys who can succesfully seduce women via text games. I know they do exist. Guys like those are gifted with it. For me, I am well aware text games are not for me, hence I try to invite a woman out as...
  14. manfrombelow

    Slovak girl, 9

    It's either pursuing or not pursuing, there's no such thing as "passively pursuing". And the more you "pursue" a woman, the farther away from her pvssy you get. At this point, my friend, you are trying to rationalize your irrational obessions over this one chick. You are basically begging her...
  15. manfrombelow

    What Women Want in a Man

    At the end of the day, LMS matters. Without LMS, it's almost impossible to make women wet when they think of you.
  16. manfrombelow

    If your first dates don't get you responses like this, you haven't left that good of an impression.

    OP had sex on first dates, that alone is a sucess story. Like someone has mentioned, if you can't get at least some tongue kiss action on 1st day, delete the number and move the fvck on, because she won't give you a second chance with her no matter how much you beg and simp.
  17. manfrombelow

    A bouncer gets laid every night. True or false?

    This thread is about the frequency of having sex a bouncer could have on a daily basis given the nature of his job, not about the quality of his life or how much he earns. You're being stupid!
  18. manfrombelow

    A bouncer gets laid every night. True or false?

    A bouncer inside his working environment has virtually everything it takes for most women (who are present in the same environment) to consider him "high level" over other dudes: He has the last call whether you stay or get kicked out, he can protect people, he can scare people, he is respected...
  19. manfrombelow

    When They Block You...

    Like all the wise men here have said: At the end of the day, your job is simply NOT TO GIVE A FVCK.