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  1. xavier_2000

    Amazing Pua

    I hate most country music but I love this song Racecar by Luke Combs lol Hoes don't know if ur song is dope..
  2. xavier_2000

    Go to the pride parade.

    This whole movement is a result of sexual energy perversion and a reflection of our hyper sexual culture We consume porn and **** and equated our sex to our body part, using other ppl to masturbate basically Lol numbing away the pain with it and just treating women as objects and most gay or...
  3. xavier_2000

    Go to the pride parade.

    Is art demonic? Who knows. Lol.
  4. xavier_2000

    Go to the pride parade.

    Again not many of them are trannys or gay dudes. You’ll find compassionate and empathetic women. This whole thing part of it is propaganda and part of it lies under the stories of trauma and immense pain, these are fellow human beings who need love. The propaganda side in terms of...
  5. xavier_2000

    Go to the pride parade.

    Straight up. This is Black Friday y’all lmaoo. Get out there and approach some sexually liberated hoes.
  6. xavier_2000

    Xavier's Guide to getting Jacked in 30 days.

    YUP. But nah. "Slow and steady wins the race" NGMI
  7. xavier_2000

    Stop looking for confirmation. ACT NOW.

    Bro. Best piece of advice I ever gotten was to not seek confirmation. I think it’s born out of this perfectionism fear A lot of people are scared to make decisions and seek out “experts” to decide for themselves Do I do X? What about XYZ And bam the opportunity floats people struggle with...
  8. xavier_2000

    Success Starts Between Your Ears

    I hate that book lol yeah it protects u to see through games that ppl play. at the end of the day power and manipulation can do nothing to plain honesty. it helps that but it won’t help you build deep meaningful and long lasting relationships of any kind. all these laws fail if you just...
  9. xavier_2000

    Your in second place

    LMAO next the hoe.
  10. xavier_2000

    Flirty and touchy, but has a boyfriend

    Actions not words say everything LOL
  11. xavier_2000

    Flirty and touchy, but has a boyfriend

    Ignore what she says. Shoulda go in for the kiss and you’ll have ur answer as he said. If she really did look for attention or validation she would not allow u to touch her like that and she would physically move and distance herself yet she stayed. Look at Actions not Words. You were the...
  12. xavier_2000

    Hottie Describes 'Chad' Dream Boyfriend

    Any hoe who has done a whole entire photo shoot and is not a model is a hoe that’s ran thru and looking to settle down when they post on the iG they just advertising and looking for leads lol
  13. xavier_2000

    Hottie Describes 'Chad' Dream Boyfriend

    No joke. I have a friend she’s a girl and like tells me how she curved this LITERAL CHAD dude who’s 30, has a Lambo and g wagon and took her out on dates, good looking and jacked. SHE CURVED THIS CHAD for a broke college kid who lives under his parents basement Whenever a hoe puts out this bs...
  14. xavier_2000

    Hottie Describes 'Chad' Dream Boyfriend

    Never take this hoes criteria lmao chances are she would make this dude wait and play games. U never wanna go into boyfriend category this hoe prolly has been thru club promoters and photographers lmao
  15. xavier_2000

    Hottie Describes 'Chad' Dream Boyfriend

    someone said Xavier?
  16. xavier_2000

    Be egotistical

    I have certain users on ignore lmaoo Fat hoes and chumps hate Xavier “don’t save her she don’t wanna be saved”
  17. xavier_2000

    The Groupie Effect is bizarre

    Muay Thai > BJJ
  18. xavier_2000

    Be egotistical

    its so wuwu but its facts I was never one of those like mushroom loving spiritual typa dude I don't care about that I just wanna win in life and play the game and accidentally I got more spiritual lol Till this day I don't care about the cosmos and this whole purpose of life talk, I prefer to...
  19. xavier_2000

    Be egotistical

    Nah they just gave up on it too soon and didn’t really want it. so many entrepreneurs fail who “work hard” but they’re not really working hard. Clocking in at the office isn’t the same as 200 cold calls per day and doing whatever it takes to get better. they say they work hard but no data on...
  20. xavier_2000

    Be egotistical

    My biz was literally just an idea When you physically witness something being created in front of you you can never unsee that lesson