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  1. J

    Thoughts on Vibrators for LTR/Wives

    You don't masturbate? Same goes for your hand.
  2. J

    Being Friends With Women

    What if there's NOTHING to take including sex?
  3. J

    She can't let me go

    I hope you have the proof bc I got tons to show really who is who. I'm NOT the porn actor narcissist that YOU are!!!
  4. J

    She can't let me go

    I'm going to show him how much I love him when I take him to court. lmfaoo
  5. J

    My LTR broke up with me. I'm devastated. And confused out of my mind...

    Keep thinking that in court it will all come out.
  6. J

    My girlfriend is out drinking with her hoe friend

    So he does have money & I will take him to court for MY lifelong STD's!! I'm pushing for prison time!! For when only ONE in a relationship always fighting to keep TWO together it will cause the other to snap. NO he never stopped smoking meth!! Nor did he stop screwing everything that walked...
  7. J

    What could i have done

    I thought we were ALL adults on this site. So why do I feel like I'm constantly talking to adults suffering with severe Alzheimer's? Have you & I ever met? Have you ever heard MY side of the story? DO YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ME??? Do you want to, lmfaoo?
  8. J

    Should I go to a sex club to get experience?

    $100 to get laid by mulitlple women. Sounds like I would be getting off several times. Thought it was cheaper if one went in with a woman? Therefore, I would take a woman to act like my wife & get in cheaper along with getting laid mulitple times. Not to meantion my pretend wife would put out...