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    Lay report 4

    How did she show she wasn't comfortable yet and what physical escalations did you start with? Did she allow hand hold and hand touches from the start and was uncomfortable with more sexual touching or did she not take your hand in the start either? My experience says that hand-holding is the...
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    Is it weak to show any affection?

    Manosphere bull****!
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    How to bang an acquaintance from college that I reconnected with on instgram?

    Believe it or not. It's not the end of the world. Yeah, he kissed ass there and should not make it a habit. And the "Aww that's sweet" was like a mom petting her child. But this MIGHT still work. All text game and game in general is about MOVING FORWARD. So if he can get her on the phone, do...
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    Is it even worth to date these days?

    Don't put it on the backburner. One life dude. Take a short break for a few days maybe. Relax yourself a bit, have fun. Get more control in your life and keep dating strategically. For example, go to better bars. Go to better daygame spots if you daygame.
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    How to bang an acquaintance from college that I reconnected with on instgram?

    The conversation is quite friendly and social. Sexual threat and tension missing. Which is fine and can be worked on, and you can tilt the vibe too once you do hangout if she is ready to see you. But more importantly, the bigger questions is...are you going to visit that state just for her...
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    Lay Report

    Pinging is one thing. But keep "trying" to maintain "friendly" contact with women you ain't ****ing. Eh. Better to shoot your shot and move on! No need to give free attention and waste your time for girls u aint ****ing.
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    Lay Report

    Good report. Really shows that pinging a women later on can work! Similar thing happened to me a while ago where i deleted a girl's number but then proceeded to re-initiate contact just for the hell of it. Was able to bang her at her place quite easily after the ping. I am also in the middle...