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  1. touma.akagi

    Mods do your job

    Do posts like this exist here? I've noticed some banned users around, but if I've never seen any troll posts up, it leads me to believe that the mods are doing their jobs - rather quicky.
  2. touma.akagi

    Narcissist ex-wh0re cries over losing Instagram priviliges because now she will need to get a job

    I'm guessing her parents didn't make her do any chores.
  3. touma.akagi

    If your a player or a “pua” or believe in game your a tool

    As Redskinsfan92 states, everyone uses some sort of game. Let me explain why in a moment. "You are creepy. You aren't natural." One or both of these are indeed true of many men to start out with. But you're also arguing that men should "just be yourself." I've said it before and I'll say it...
  4. touma.akagi

    Congress just killed craigslist US Casual Encounters

    It's blanket illegal in just about every context. But the alternative, it being legal but taxed heavily, doesn't exactly sound fun either.
  5. touma.akagi

    Why You're Failing with Women

    It's fine for women to be the initial wake-up call for you to change, but if it stays the sole motive of your lifestyle change, you're still trapped in the past and still don't get it.
  6. touma.akagi

    So Suave for men and women

    Should've posted this in the "Wingman Forum" category instead...
  7. touma.akagi

    Do you think there are signs about a young woman that foretell her turning into a cow?

    Exactly. Better to have a slightly wrinkled milf than a garden variety McDonalds-eating partner later
  8. touma.akagi

    Monica Lewinsky is Sexy

    That's not the point
  9. touma.akagi

    Monica Lewinsky is Sexy

    Her va gina touched Bill Clinton's ****. Get it away from me.
  10. touma.akagi

    Gillette posted a photo of a plus-size model and Twitter couldn't handle it - NSFYH

    Her thighs look like that one rock formation that has 2 standing spikes and a space between them
  11. touma.akagi

    Incel Chimp

    Guess 3rd wave feminism is nothing new at all really.
  12. touma.akagi

    Congress just killed craigslist US Casual Encounters

    Brings this cutaway to mind...
  13. touma.akagi

    How To Meet Girls In Your Class And Date Them

    Using your phone is a lot more discreet. You'd just look like a creep writing out girls' names on a paper.
  14. touma.akagi

    Telling a woman what you want...

    Even if she could provide those, if she's not providing sex and dating, then it's not a very good relationship. Eventually, either you get bored of using her and cut contact, or she realizes she's being used and leaves.
  15. touma.akagi

    Is it something I am doing?

    Mmmmm, if things are bad now and you think that it'll aaall just fall into place once you "cement" it with an ours child, man you are deluded. While you're at it, you might as well find a discarded foreskin and glue it to your peen and tell yourself you'll feel more pleasure. You're not married...
  16. touma.akagi

    How to handle a girl who is trying to slide out?

    If anyone asks, you can always tell em you ****ed her tbh
  17. touma.akagi

    Is baldness really that big of a deal?

    If your head isn't mis-shapen or dented, then being bald should be fine. That said though, most younger men on this site still have years before they need to worry about it
  18. touma.akagi

    Question about the friend zone

    You make it sound so easy, it won't be like that for every guy
  19. touma.akagi

    article: A Straight Guy’s Guide To Dating Queer Women

    "How to date 'queer' chicks: don't." There. I saved you guys a click. I think I speak for all of us when I say that 99% of users on this site have no interest in dating any woman that defects to the greater LGBT community for any reason.