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    Went to a speed dating event last night and these are the results

    Funny, that's the first thing I thought of when I read the first post, was Big Dave. Lol
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    Why Relationships Fail

    I agree with your other points, however I'm not fond of referring to our creator as a nut job. The good book tells us how best to live our lives, treat other people, and treat/love our spouses, and our fellow citizens. Does modern society follow these simple conditions today? Fvck no... Therein...
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    Man threw kid off 3rd floor mall balcony because "Women in the mall rejected him"

    Seems to me that society used to care for patients with mental disorders better than today. But then the medical field has changed too. They give out meds and send them out unto the world. Then when they lose the ability to cope, they go out and do wacko things. It's just another consequence...
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    Do you guys find these chicks hot?

    I think you may be right.
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    Do you guys find these chicks hot?

    That's exactly what I was expecting, bulges in pants and masculine adam's apples.
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    Toxic masculinity

    Wow...those two above ads, I feel for the guy with Down Syndrome. I hope he keeps the makeup to just shows and clubs he goes to/ I'd hate to see him get beat up over his choice to enjoy his life. On the other ad, for Gillette...can you image me (a short guy- 5'6) and decent looking, getting...
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    Next date with her friends?!

    There's something in the Don Juan Bible about this...about no matter where you are, keep your frame. This instance you speak of, is a perfect example of women setting the frame. Look it up on the DJ Bible, it explains much better.
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    Next date with her friends?!

    Is this a pattern among all her friends that you are around? Like, is this thing the two of you are playing, like one big bunch of "friends only". This sounds like a group mentality thing, aka organized cautious feminism, best way I can describe it. Been there long ago, nothing good came out of...
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    Trans is such a scam

    Those two surgeries had some serious multitasking going on in there. just sayin
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    Fiance cheated many times

    OP- If you take him back, you will have verified that you can't live without him, and worst of all, he will now think he can get away with anything in the future, because you let him this time. It's self explanatory.
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    Waiter Hits on Wife

    +1 Gaslit is no way to live, esp. 'cause they don't have a family. She needs power dumped, like, yesterday. Left in her bed to wake up alone, without a f'n clue. And he be seven hours from home, in the next state, cell phone off. And a new Tracfone w/ new number, from the first gas stop he made...
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    Does anyone here have hope for our civilization?

    I certainly don't see civilization getting any better for the common man. For the man at the top of the heap, maybe. But even that is subjective. For the rest, it's a learning curve. Staying positive the best plan. The good old days are long gone, but doesn't mean it's over. Adapt and adjust...
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    Woman, 47, celebrates her divorce with a sexy photo shoot: 'Boy bye'

    Looks typical of women with some age and confidence (****iness?) left in them... first phase of breakup for older chicks= feminist "you go, girl!" attitude, to be celebrated semi-publically. Some day, soon, she will spend a few evenings crying in her booze and nobody will know.
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    “We have too much sex”

    Sorry, but at first they can be deceiving, until they get what they want- control of you. And, until you suspicion what she really is. Then it gets crazy. It depends on how much you can take, before you disconnect. And this may last a while, like a year or two. Depends on how badly they "need"...
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    “We have too much sex”

    Yes this type can fool the hell out of you, and make you feel like it's you who has the problem.
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    Guy sent naked pic to girlfriend.

    I guess on that day they felt his pain, in more ways than one.
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    Walking away is soley Masculine and the ultimate trump card

    Yes. Like an old friend always says at work- "I was lookin' for a job when I came I don't GAF. Same applies...stop, then reset and be glad for the bullet you dodged. Saw one that eluded me back when I was 18, on FB a while back. When I saw modern pic I felt better! lmao
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    Poor women on OLD, what they have to go through to meet a guy worthy of a date

    I know, right? 168 isn't enough either. Trust me.
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    What guns, if any, do you own?

    Does Every gun that comes from Indiana =19%? That was the last figure I saw on the subject, maybe 2017 The rest of them must be coming from elsewhere