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  1. LucianoM

    Crises point. I want to settle but at what cost.

    You're 38 bro give up on kids. That ship has sailed.
  2. LucianoM

    Only date women that show high interest from the start

    Yup but high interest is fleeting. B!these wake up with different intentions everyday
  3. LucianoM

    Anyone else hate alcohol? How do you handle dates?

    This lame ass dude haha
  4. LucianoM

    60 years old and separated....Now what?

    Move to phillipines or thailand
  5. LucianoM

    Anyone else missing the OG Roosh V forum?

    There were lots of guys that turned out to be bullchitters too like Gmanifesto and some other "famous" guy who claimed he gang-banged 5 girls one night in south dakota. But out of all the forums, roosh had the most legit players. I met a couple who i confirmed back when I was down with meeting ppl.
  6. LucianoM

    63% of young American men are single while most women in the same age group are in relationships

    Chit some of us still have it good, I pretty much only date zoomers.
  7. LucianoM

    Is ANY dating coach actually effective?

    Crazy the lives some of you guys live. Just crazy.
  8. LucianoM

    Competition Anxiety is essential

    If you hate clubs you ain't a player stop tryna act like one.
  9. LucianoM

    "Being persistent" vs "Pursuing" debate concluded

    This should only be done if you really like her, if not it should be one and done.
  10. LucianoM

    how to have bigger balls?

    The only way to have bigger balls is to have more success, i.e. confidence. But you can't get the confidence without the success, and I'm not talking about the fake it till you make it bullchit, you need actual, real-life success.
  11. LucianoM

    How do you ask a girl if she has a STD or not?

    Why do you care about STDs? The most common ones like gonorrhea and chlamydia are easily treatable with antibiotics. The herpes and HPV you already have it. And HIV transmission is highly unlikely in hetero couples.
  12. LucianoM

    Woman Goes On '6 Dates A Week' To Avoid Paying For Groceries

    Im not her target audience so good for her.
  13. LucianoM

    Hanging with drunk coworkers early 20s

    You need to find yourself a better job homie.
  14. LucianoM

    How to make $25 fast?

    Guys like this shouldn't be allowed in this forum smh.
  15. LucianoM


    Id never pull a brokie move like that.
  16. LucianoM


    More than decent, she was the hottest out of the 53 girls i slayed last year.
  17. LucianoM


    I took these this morning
  18. LucianoM


    Of course I'm interested in fvcking her I just didn't expect her to do OF shoots while she's here and want to party every night. She and her friend just left to go clubbing, she wanted me to go but it's a fvcking Monday so I said no.
  19. LucianoM

    Calling out all guys on here who do daygame.

    Daygamers have always been losers in my experience
  20. LucianoM


    Shes hot and ive know her for a year so I wanted to help her out. Plus she's actually a decent person just a little horny hoe.