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  1. bmp2cpm

    Reasons why women get turned off

    Here are the actual reasons it did not work: 1) She made more than him. 2) No chemistry and therefore no emotional connection. 3) The guy rushed things before she could properly vet him.
  2. bmp2cpm

    Reasons why women get turned off

    This! Never pay attention to a women’s words. Not even your own mother’s words. Only pay attention to a woman’s actions. You ask a nice girl why things didn’t work out in the last relationship and you’ll get nice reasons because she is a nice girl. Women want control of resources. That means...
  3. bmp2cpm

    Converting LinkedIn Connections into Dates

    Back in the early days of social media, you could see EVERYONE who looked at your LinkedIn account. Once, I saw this younger attractive girl who I barely remembered from a previous job had checked out my LinkedIn account. So I asked her out to dinner for “networking” purposes. We hit it off...
  4. bmp2cpm

    Don't know if the party is over.

    Get her to focus her people pleasing on you and you’re family solely. Lead her in order to take the stress off her. If you can do this, you should get what you want. If not than bail. Good luck!
  5. bmp2cpm

    60 years old and separated....Now what?

    As someone in his early 50s, I can say that ALL the women my age that used to be beautiful/hot now look like grandmothers. It is really sad to see. A stark reminder of how short life is. Thankfully, I married a woman that is a little younger. In my opinion, very few women in their early 50s...
  6. bmp2cpm

    A lot of weak men!

    The media has done everything to put down straight men. Look at a recent US national pizza commercial where the woman shames the man for trying to open the door to the pizza shop. In a national US insurance commercial, the man foolishly falls into the water while the woman does not because...
  7. bmp2cpm

    Are they looking for a boyfriend/husband unit or are they looking for YOU

    This not exactly true. Women love a man for the man’s resourcefulness. The man has to have the specific set of resources the women is looking for. The resources that a woman needs from a man changes over time. A short 20-year old may prioritize a 6’3” tall man to prevent unwanted male...
  8. bmp2cpm

    Did I just self-invite myself or does she really want me to come ?

    Sounds to me like you are moving into the dreaded “friend zone” with her.
  9. bmp2cpm

    34 Married and Unhappy (in Miami)

    The three biggest factors her that I see: 1) she is older than you. This a major crack in the foundation of any relationship. 2) you make more than enough to divorce and find a new gal 3 You two have little chemistry. Chemistry is important for a relationship. I would bail and start life...
  10. bmp2cpm

    Not Really a Grown Man

    True, but it is much better to disqualify than to be disqualified.
  11. bmp2cpm

    Not Really a Grown Man

    It wasn’t just one sh*t test he failed. He failed multiple ones. The only one that OP really noticed was the big one at the end that he posted about. To pass, all he had to do was to mention whatever experience he had with children, demonstrate he likes children, and very subtly hint a...
  12. bmp2cpm

    Not Really a Grown Man

    Unpopular opinion…it was a sh*t test and you failed. She was fishing for your experience with children, eg siblings’ kids, friends’ kids. The sh*t test went completely over your head. She vetted and you let her disqualify you. No major loss here, what with her being a single mom and all. But...
  13. bmp2cpm

    Can you guys take a look at this text convo

    I can’t imagine a woman being that forward unless: she had a strong emotional connection to you, you have previously met in person at least once, you have told each other your whole life story, and you have been vetted. If none of that happened then this is maybe a guy who likes guys and he...
  14. bmp2cpm

    Women know logical fallacies but still commit them

    Pandora, this action you note is biology. It is a tactic that is literally part of the survival of the human species. Women are the only mammal to hide when they ovulate. This built-in feature comes with a complicated set of s*x strategies by women. Your post is just an example of one type of...
  15. bmp2cpm

    How to accept a LTR/marrying a non-virgin

    Forget virginity. Focus on very low partner count. Des’ high score theory comes into play here. Women with low partner counts tend be be the more religious ones.
  16. bmp2cpm

    What is the best thing a woman can do for you?

    Re: discussion on unconditional love from a woman There has to be a basic foundation in order for unconditional love from a woman to exist: 1) the man does not become a LOSER of resources 2) the man can maintain the emotional connection with the woman Without that basic foundation...
  17. bmp2cpm

    What is the best thing a woman can do for you?

    My wife makes me laugh everyday and puts a smile on my face. No other women has ever been able to do that for me.
  18. bmp2cpm

    The Wedding which leads to divorce

    My wedding with my forever wife, cost us $31,700, included rings, dress, tux rental, church, reception, and honeymoon. Was a small wedding of around 35 guests. Was totally worth it. I had a budget and wife followed it, that’s how I knew she was the one! :D
  19. bmp2cpm

    What is Your Stance on Getting into Committed Relationships with Single Moms?

    Absolutely, a bit of a rare situation where the mom is looking to monkey branch, is attracted to you, and has vetted you. I don’t recommend it but they are a much higher quality woman. You will not find these women on dating sites, only through social circles or as an old college boyfriend...
  20. bmp2cpm

    What is Your Stance on Getting into Committed Relationships with Single Moms?

    Unpopular opinion and I do not recommend it, but if you must be in a relationship with a mom….you are better off stealing an attached mom than getting into a relationship with a single mom. In general, single moms do not know how to keep their man while attached moms do.