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    It will soon be OVER for female sports

    Good, rub their noses in it. This is just elevating the mockery of biological males competing against biological women to the logical conclusion.
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    Men, this is why you don't hang out with *****'s

    It’s a political stunt. It’s not going to go anywhere, and it only solidified the rhetoric of the big government machine doing anything to destroy those who stand in its way.
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    Blac Chyna is done with OF

    I am hoping that she will take her new realizations and start being outspoken to young women warning them about the toxicity and dangers of OnlyFans and how destructive it is to women as well as society.
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    What do say if plates try find out your plans on unavailable days due to other plates?

    “Are you stalking me? You must really be into me.”
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    how to give the impression that you are not trying to be liked?

    She’s used to people falling all over her. Don’t put the pvssy on a pedestal, act like she’s one of the guys, give her some sh!t in a friendly way, but still give kino etc to let her know you’re interested. Of course you’re interested, you’re talking to her. You just don’t want to look thirsty...
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    Between YouTube videos and i'm learning from actual hand to hand ex-military combat instructors I always knew don't want to punch in the street fight

    I was in a lot of fights in high school (finished but never started) but it was different back then. Over 15 years of martial arts training. Nowadays my net worth is way too much for me to risk punching someone in the mouth. The fight would almost certainly be more enjoyable than the legal...
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    Genuinely curious to the thought process.

    Two; one was young, the other one was a teenager and a real handful. Luckily I was able to turn him around.
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    Genuinely curious to the thought process.

    They love to play the martyr and victim. Just look at the "single moms" whining, and having to jump on to Father's Day accolades. "Happy Father's Day!" "Oh, and don't forget all the single moms out there doing both mom and dad duty!" :rolleyes: I raised my kids as a single dad when I was...
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    More PMs with a common problem...

    I've told this to women when they asked if I am a jealous guy. "Nope. If he can get you, he can keep you."
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    Is this the reason men are leaving the work place?

    While women whine about the non-existent wage gap, they are leveraging their "victimhood" and intimidating the companies so that if you are a straight white man, your chances of being paid the same as a woman or minority, or getting a promotion over them, is pretty slim. They will hire from one...
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    Quick question for the guys 40 and over

    Software engineer
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    Quick question for the guys 40 and over

    I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish. I have a fully remote job where I can travel almost anywhere in the world, unlimited PTO, well over 6 figure salary. I've socked away a good amount into savings/investments, it would be more if it weren't for a business venture that went sideways. For...
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    Anyone else hate alcohol? How do you handle dates?

    Alcohol is destructive. I'll order a rum & coke, then after 1 or two I'll discretely tell the bartender to skip the rum from here on out because I'm driving, but keep the stir straw in it.
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    POF has converted to an almost full must pay site now

    Zoosk is horrible. Your preferences mean nothing... they continually only show you right around your age or older. MUCH older.
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    Are strongmen athletes considered attractive?

    Where are they going to demonstrate their status to the women? It's not like he can just walk into Red Lobster and start tossing tractor tires around.
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    Help maintaining a potential FWB without a place to go

    She's wild. Introduce her to new things.
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    Help maintaining a potential FWB without a place to go

    You can’t afford a $70/night hotel?
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    Is cheating "OK" considering most relationships end anyways?

    You don't "not cheat" in a committed relationship because of all the lesser women you've been with and because the relationship might fail. You don't cheat because of what you said happened with #2 in your list, because the relationship might not fail. Quality women are rare enough these days...
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    Quit my Job? Is this a Dumb Idea?

    As someone who has played in a rock band from the age of 15... I will say that your social life will NOT suffer if you are playing in front of people a few times a week especially on weekends. Quite the contrary.
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    Quit my Job? Is this a Dumb Idea?

    You should be making double your current salary pretty quickly if you're improving yourself and moving jobs. Stick with computers and do music for fun.