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  1. TheManMasenko

    People do not feel you, they react towards you.

    As I expand my work with to meet new people in my business endeavor, plus conflicting with family members and women I found this to be the case. I can tell the truth, and they'll hear me but cannot resonate. In these situations, the best thing to do is to be calm and collected, then articulate...
  2. TheManMasenko

    People do not feel you, they react towards you.

    90% of people, whether you say something true or false. They will be reacting toward you and who you are. They don't listen, they are feeling. Most people lack accountability and go through life emotionally based = never listening, just reacting. @Stanley told me "you just have to accept...
  3. TheManMasenko

    There’s A Scientific Reason Why Women Are Attracted To Taller Men

    Funny because the media does not highlight 34C women in the same respect as tall men. In contrast, petite women seem to be more in favor these days but I would expect our biology to prefer a woman with a curve bottom and prominent chest.
  4. TheManMasenko

    There’s A Scientific Reason Why Women Are Attracted To Taller Men

    This height thing gives me an itch on how social media is baseless brainwashing, similar to how we acknowledge or respect celebrities. This height thing may be conditioning us and/or it may just be our pure biology. Though, it is odd to see many posts regarding height. Yes, I understand but why...
  5. TheManMasenko

    Losing weight should not be the goal. Reducing insulin resistance should be.

    Do you recommend a person in the middle of body recomposition to start intermitting fasting?
  6. TheManMasenko

    Beta Males And Why Are Women Choosing Them Now

    These posts are the classic "sosuave nonsense". Just because it's partially true, does not mean it's guaranteed. We ALL are aware a woman may run into an "alpha" who does not value her then she'll run into a "beta" and "settle". Personally, I can't let these women get my nuts tied up in a...
  7. TheManMasenko

    Beta Males And Why Are Women Choosing Them Now

    I'm a beta male. I will wife a girl up, not cheat and be loyal if she's the woman I vet and perceive worthy. My goal is to have a big family, I guess I'm beta for being loyal to my women and fam. I'm 5'6 too.
  8. TheManMasenko

    Playing Dumb Gets You Laid

    As a former IT undergrad, we ARE incels because that's OUR passion. It's like why sporty people are more social. They go hand in hand.
  9. TheManMasenko

    Mindset tweak....

    In addition, you can't be around people who disrespect you continuously. It will only cause you to believe you are less than your worth which will bring forth other problems.
  10. TheManMasenko

    Mindset tweak....

    Interesting post, In my perspective I see respect comes in multitudes of ways. 1. Social status (f*** lots of women). 2. The way you treat others and yourself (be kind, dress well). 3. You're personality (funny, charismatic, or even demonstrating power; earning respect through fear) Now...
  11. TheManMasenko

    It Really Doesnt Matter What Your Opener Is

    I'm definitely going to ask a girl "hey out of curiosity you ever been only attracted to females? like be a lesbian at a time?" Because 100% of all hoes I know had a lesbian-phase.
  12. TheManMasenko

    Never Had a Girlfriend? 15 Reasons Why You're Still Single

    16. You're not focused on self-improvement rather posting or complaining on internet forums.
  13. TheManMasenko

    Women are spoiled sexually

    I'm open for your techniques.
  14. TheManMasenko

    Women are spoiled sexually

    You are missing the point. Sex is one aspect of life.
  15. TheManMasenko

    Women are spoiled sexually

    I understand your point. Once upon of time (a year ago), I believed the most important thing of a relationship was to "sex good" or in other words, satisfy the women (it's sad). But honestly, I see many other things to be taken note of in a relationship like respect, focusing/up keeping on...
  16. TheManMasenko

    Which option would you choose?

    Hey gang, I'm currently 21 living at my father's place. I dont have a job and make money independently (odd jobs, hustle: legal, etc). The college I'm attending is hiring and one of the benefits is free tuition, plus insurance and some other stuff. Now...there are two positions: Option 1...
  17. TheManMasenko

    Looking to do recomposition..recommendations

    You really think it's a liver issue? And how many days a week you recommend for working out?
  18. TheManMasenko

    Looking to do recomposition..recommendations

    Any book or website recommendations?
  19. TheManMasenko

    Looking to do recomposition..recommendations

    Hello gang, I'm 5'6, 160lb, and looking to gain more muscle mass and remove fat. Can you give me some insight? I recently started doing 5x5 in squats/bench presses (I benched for the first time in months, maybe years today). I used to do isolation workouts about 5 times a week. I currently...
  20. TheManMasenko

    My Life Is Not Rewarding - I need advice for doing hard things to improve myslef

    Thank you for the words. I have his book but didnt read it yet. I will check it out for sure.