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  1. Solomon

    Dating is rigged against men (just the way it is)

    Welcome to 2004 OP, geez this is revolutionary I didn't know this!
  2. Solomon

    Woman reschedules date then tries to change location at last minute. I cancel

    I was in a similar situation, the girl wanted to meet 10 minutes from her town except she changed the location a few hours before However I didn't meet her when she asked "Are you sure you want to meet?" or "Do you want to still meet" mind you this is when I called to confirm it was an odd...
  3. Solomon

    Look for deference, not investment

    Bingo OP a chick checking your story is not investment I know women who have been checking my snapchat stories for a decade and these are girls I know from social circles I use to be part of or girls that I talked to and it went nowhere.
  4. Solomon

    Women have Over-Abudance by default!

    Men in 2023 are weak and instead of fightning like their forefathers would rather complain on internet forums and youtube video comment sections. Guess what since the beginning of time there is a group of men that couldn't procreate in 2023 it's easier than ever to get laid if your'e not...
  5. Solomon

    Women have Over-Abudance by default!

    If more men focused on their purpose, getting fit, and making 6/7 figures more men would realize when you're on top of your game you have the options to have more women than you know what to do with
  6. Solomon

    “There are more weak men” is a fallacy

    This sounds like COPE While I agree with you that money is imginary only a broke person would think that having money is a waste of life or time. Money is a tool that if used right can be used for previson, comforts, labor and POWER. I remember working 2 jobs full-time and part-time struggling...
  7. Solomon

    Why Modern Dating Is Hot Garbage

    Men in the past wouldn't even take a woman seriously but in 2023 dudes will give her the world in hopes of just "sniffing' her panties
  8. Solomon

    Where to go out in NYC?

    Is PHD terrace still open?
  9. Solomon

    Why Modern Dating Is Hot Garbage

    Modern Dating is also garbage because you have women who are emotionally unavailable because they currently are in a "situationship" o"FWB" or literally just got out of a "Toxic" relationship Who wants to go on a date with a woman who currently has 2 FWB's but you have to take her out to be...
  10. Solomon

    Girls fresh out of relationships

    In 2023 I give it 1 month tops a lot of these women hopping on D's faster than pepboys can change tires
  11. Solomon

    Girls fresh out of relationships

    IMO dealing with these types is a waste of time unless you want to be her therapist Even just to "smash" is not worth it these women will think it's cool to talk about their ex and that puts you in a different frame I prefer women who are emotionally available I remember recently was dealing...
  12. Solomon

    Reading Material question : Credibility of writers on the subject of PUA

    A players Handbook written buy a guy married for 30 years? lmfaoooo ok
  13. Solomon

    Best Cities To Live Post-Covid (Digital Nomad)

    Any rural town usa within 2 hours of a big city why? More Privacy Cheaper rent Your dollar goes further and if you get that "Itch" you can always drive to the city closeby if it's popping If you living the digital life your goal should be saving as much money as you can. Delayed...
  14. Solomon

    Only date women that show high interest from the start

    BINGO 80% of men's issues on this forum are dealing with lukewarm or low-interest women. Once you have dealt with a couple HL women you realize that life is more fun on the other (winners) side
  15. Solomon

    Not sure how to be happy as I get older

    Not joking or being sarcastic but OP reading the bible and having a deeper relationship with God has given me meaning Friends come and go women definitely come and go But God is forever
  16. Solomon

    Losing girls after make-outs

    This!!! and OP I've been (still am at times) in your shoes sometimes its easier to be lazy then to go get it (the one you should be going after)
  17. Solomon

    Why Modern Dating Is Hot Garbage

    The main issue with dating is no one wants women to put in any effort, especially in OLD women are burned out, even if you meet one that's cool it's always some story of how her Ex cheated on her, or was the biggest douche ever. A lot of woman on apps hardly even try i.e. Bumble and Tinder...
  18. Solomon

    Financially Savvy Women

    Once I started making more money It put in proximity with said women. They tend to be successful in their field and some of them are in finance making low to mid 6 figures. And no these aren't your "Boss Babe Chicks" some of these chicks are feminine and hot or both. They are out there but you...
  19. Solomon

    I guess warren beatty was right about crypto

    It is hypocritical to not believe in crypto and invest in a company that primarily deals with crypto is it not?